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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Panagbenga 2013 Experience

"There's no turning back."  That's all in my mind after an hour of waiting in Dau Bus Terminal in Mabalacat, Pampangga. And despite of my limited budget to see the most colorful festival of the season, I found myself on the way to the Summer Capital of the Philippines to witness the Panagbenga 2013!

Arriving at Baguio City at exactly 4 in the morning or February 24 was the bravest thing I did ever, I guess, in visiting this cold place up north. And with no itinerary whatsoever, really, I was left standing at Session Road looking at about hundreds of people, whom I thought were braver than me... because you know why? They are sleeping along the busy road of Session Road just to be on the front line when the Grand Float Parade takes its turn to wow the world.

I never thought that there are really people who would do that, but I guess die freezing and be on the front line is better than die at the back of the line and not see a thing of the most glamorous and blossoming parade of floats on this year's Panagbenga. Hehe.

As soon as my senses went back after that numbing coldness I felt as I stepped out of the bus, I went straight to Jollibee to have my breakfast. I'm actually glad that they were already happy that time, because without this place, I might really die of freezing that early morning. 

And since it was too cold, I'm actually have no plans of taking a bath, but my superfriend, who happens to be in Baguio too called me up and said to try drop by at their place so that I could fix myself up.

Good thing that I decided to follow her because if not, I might be in Burnham Park, where the reported bombing took place. Thank you, Lord!

After some hour of fixing ourselves, we found a perfect spot right in front of Casa Vallejo, but according to some of their staff there, the front space was reserved to their guests, we had no option but to be their guests! We had our breakfast there - a delicious one, I must say - and soon as we finished our food, we heard the drums beating, signalling the start of the parade.

This is my second time to see Panagbenga, the last time was way back in 2008, so this time, everything was kinda new to me all over again. To see the Grand Float Parade was my only goal why I went up here in Baguio, and thankfully, I was able to catch the extravagant display of creativity and talent on this year's festivity.

There were 19 floats paraded on this year's Panagbenga 2013. With mostly coming from well-established companies, other town like La Trinidad also joined this year's parade, I guess to invite everyone too for their upcoming Strawberry Festival.

Other contingents were SM Baguio, St. Louise University, who had the cutest presentation, New Placenta Soap, Baguio City National High School, GMA Netwrok, ABS-CBN, NLEX, Department of Agriculture, Dole, Smart Communications, St. Theresita's School, Swift-Argentina, COOP, Jollibee, San Miguel, Nueva Vizcaya Bikers' Federation, M Lhuillier, Bioderm and Baguio City Cosplayers.

Comparing it to the last one I saw, I guess, this year's float parade is a little shorter than of the previous years. And with almost the same size of floats, each I contingent was able to give their best creative output making this year the most organized Panagbenga Festival I've seen. 

Next time, I'll make sure that I'll get to catch the street dance parade too, and I'll make sure that I'll have more time experiencing this more fragrant and lively and colorful festival of the year!

Congratulations on your bountiful harvest, Baguio City!
Special to my glamorous lawyer friends for tagging me along! Muah!
Happy Spring and Rammmpa to everyone!


  1. Tagal ko na plan na mag Panagbenga indi matuloy tuloy :( hopefully next year. thanks for sharings your photos :)

    1. Welcome! Thanks for dropping by! :) Happy Rammmpa!

  2. The time we went to the fest, mga 4am nakapwesto na rin kami sa kalye. Haha! But it was sooo worth it!

    1. 4am is too early! Its so hard to get out of bed that time and that weather. Hehe. But yeah, I couldn't agree more, teh parade is really worth the wait.


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