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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Via Crucis: 14 Churches in Metro Manila East (part 2)

from part 1....

Going around the Metro Manila East side is quite easy even with or without a car, and finding one nice church to continue your Visita Iglesia comes a little easy to. So, to continue sharing the Visita Iglesia that I did with my aunt last year, here are the rest of the churches that we visited on the eastern part of the metropolis....

The Eighth Church - San Felipe Neri Church

Located along Boni Avenue on the bustling City of Mandaluyong, San Felipe Neri Church is the only church in the whole country erected under the name of San Felipe de Neri, the old name of Mandaluyong City after it gained its independence from the Municipality of San Juan del Monte back in March 27, 1907.

San Felipe Neric Church is considered the oldest church in this city, showing stoned walls that has been there since the Spanich colonization.

Ssan Felipe Neri is the patron of Joy.

The Ninth Church - Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy

After a tiring 2 decades, the City of Mandaluyong has finally gave in to the calling of its residence, to build a church on the lot that was donated by Ortigas & Co., and through the help of the local church leader, the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy was established at the Maysilo Circle for the benefit of the whole town.

Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy is said to have gone through a lot of negotiation and debate before it was finally established. But despite of that, despite of the controversies and nay and yay, the building of this two-story church pushed through making a home of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It was my first time to visit this church here in Mandaluyong, and even though it was just a few block from the San Felipe Neri, this church is still swamped by devotees who never fails to love and trust the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy is located a stone-throw away from the city hall of Mandaluyong, so it isn't hard to locate.

The Tenth Church - San Roque Church

Located at Barangka in Mandaluyong City, this church of San Roque is one of the newest established church in this city. Blessed the retired Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, D.D., San Roques Church shows a modern-day type of architecture suit for the limited space given to the residence of Barangka.

But despite of the small street surrounding it, the interior of this church has a welcoming vibes that can fit to more that 200 people. There's also a veranda-styled level two, where visitors of the said church can settle while celebrating the mass. Parking will be a problem, but I guess in God's will, you'll be able to find a way to make you visit here enjoyable and learning.

Don't forget to check out some of Jesus Christ's painted images there, which I believe are made by St. Paul, they all look so nice and done perfectly.

The Eleventh Church - Our Lady of Fatima Parish

I guess in every city, one church will never be missed. And with Filipino strong devotion to Mother Mary, Our Lady of Fatima will always hold a very special place in our city - in our hearts.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Mandaluyong is located at Mariveles Street, Highway Hills. Depicting a modern and simpler architectural design, this church that is established for the miraculous deed of Mother Mary for everyone.

The Twelfth Church - St. Francis of Assisi Church

If you are working in Ortigas Business District, I'm sure that you are very aware of this church located along Shaw Boulevard. Coming from the nearby malls, like the Shangri-La or SM Megamall, it is also a one can just walk to reach this spacious church built in 1957.

This L-shaped church dedicated to the goodness of Francis of Assisi is also a home to the Candle Chapel of Padre Pio. And its is going through some renovation now to accommodate more parishioners and churchgoers.

This is one of the busiest church I've seen in this city.

The Thirteenth Church - Holy Family Parish Church

The thirteenth church that we visited that day was the one I considered the saddest. Since the church is going through a major renovation, all that was left of it were its four posters. The church didn't even have a roof, and according to the people there, the Sunday mass was celebrate inside the small office, which I think can only accommodate a dozen or two of people.

The church is calling for help, which is visible on the tarpaulin posted above, so if you have a kind heart to help, feel free to give them a call and ask how can you help them. I'm wishing that on my next visit, they'll have a place that they can finally call a home of God.

The Fourteenth Church -  last church - Sta. Rosa de Lima Church

After or before taking the deadly C-5 Road, one can enjoy the sanctuary shared by the Sta. Rosa de Lima Church, located at M. San Buenaventura in Bagong Ilog, Pasig. A church that celebrates the goodness of Sta. Rosa de Lima, or the patron of gardeners, florists and gardeners.

For those who are seeking for a uniquely looking church in this side of metropolis, Sta. Rosa de Lima Church will definitely give that satisfaction. Though, I'm not sure if the church was meant to be like that, but the tent-looking style of it made me think that the architecture of this place wants to share that typical Filipino house design.

So, there are the 14 churches that visited last year for our annual Visita Iglesia-slash- Station of the Cross activity during Maundy Thursday. I am hoping to see more churches in the coming days - to continue enjoying my love to Filipino churches and to continue give an idea as to what churches to visit on next year's Visita Iglesia season.

Advance happy Easter to everyone! And my this summer be filled with adventure and new-paces discovered for us to truly say It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Happy Rammmpa!


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