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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One Summer Night on-board the Legworks Luxury Cruise

They say Manila City is one colorful city that is truly distinctive and world-class. And I have no reason at all to doubt that, because for living in this beautiful city for almost three decades, no matter how beautiful the other cities that I have been, no one can replace my home, my Manila.

And a few days back, in a very rare occasion, I was once again wowed the beauty that this city has. And to my delight, I was able to appreciate it from a far - yes, from afar while relaxing on a very elegant private yacht rented by the Legworks Events for their Legworks Luxury Cruise offering.

Guests on this very special and intimate offering are entitled to a dinner before boarding the luxury yacht owned and managed by the Realship Yacht, which is stationed at CCP Bay, Roxas Boulevard. That night, there where two yachts prepared for their guests, one for this group of students who are celebrating the end of school year, while, the other one is for the other guests who are with their family, friends and special someone. I was one of those who are aboard the special one, the M/Y Yrang.

I arrived there five minutes after 6, and after I registered my name, I was guided to the dining table where my dinner was served by the catering people who I believed was the partner for this event. I actually hoping that I'm going to have my dinner aboard the yacht, but sadly, I had it in Realship Yacht receiving area together with the other guests. :-(

I just think that this experience will be more memorable if I get to dine on the moving yacht. Hehe.

Anyways, good thing that the food was somehow okay. I enjoyed this Singaporean style chicken salad, which shared a refreshing feeling suit for this exciting trip. At exactly 7 in the evening, everyone was asked to transfer to our designated yachts so that we can catch the most exciting treat of this trip, which is the highlight of this offering.

On board the very posh and beautiful M/Y Yrang, I got a chance to feel what its like to be a rich person. The yacht is so polished that we were asked to take off our shoes so that we can keep the cleanliness of the whole place. A mini mobile bar was also on-board to supply us with cocktail drinks that I find fitting too to this luxury cruise. It made me think how lucky the rich people are, really. How I wish I could be one of them soon! Hahaha!

Going back, since the other guests were already on the seat on the upper deck and on the front of the yacht, I had the chance to explore the interior of the yacht. There were four bedrooms on this M/Y Yrang. There was also a clean bathroom and sound system that added harmony to this uber smooth-sailing trip.

But as much as I would love to stay longer inside the yacht and beside the mini bar (hihi), the most colorful event in the sky is about to unfold as we are also there to witness the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

It was really a dream come true! I've been wanting to see the Pyromusical Competition this close, and yeah, it was more amazing when you are under those dome of glowing colorful lights. And even though I couldn't hear a note of the music being played on the grounds of SM Mall of Asia, seeing this beautiful fireworks display this close to my face is something I couldn't ask for more

We were able to see two fireworks displays that night, the one from China and the other one from Australia. And I really think that China gave us a great show that night. ^_^

After the show, the cruise took us to the far side of the Manila Bay where we got to see the newest gambling hub in the the country, Solaire Resort & Casino. And though it wasn't as grand as its interior, it was still a delight for me to see it from a different angle. Same goes with SM Mall of Asia, which looks stunning at night even if you are in the middle of the Bay, and finally the Manila skyline, which I personally think can compete with the other wealthy Southeast Asian countries. :-)

Solaire Resort & Casino

SM Mall of Asia

Star City

Thank you, Legworks Event, for this very luxurious trip! This is one trip that is so hard to beat, but I do hope that I'll get to enjoy it once again soon - hopefully, with special someone na para mas kilig! Hahaha!

To know more about this Legworks Luxury Cruise, you check it out here

Happy sailing and happy Rammpa!


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  2. hi there. why do you have to eat on the receiving area? I thought it should be aboard the yacht?

  3. hi, is this the one worth 770 per head?

  4. Same experience here! I am very thankful for the momentous experience in Legworks Luxury Cruise :) hoping to be there once again, together with my best buddies! :)

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