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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That Romantic Spot at Eton City

Ever since that moment where I did the pre-nuptial photo shoot of my friend's best friend, I can't help myself but to see more aspiring romantic places that I think will look good in photos, most especially with those lovers clinging or holding hands while walking. And a few days back, I found another place again that I would love to be the back draft of my next masterpieces - and that place is in Eton City, Laguna.

Nestled at the very peaceful lot of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Eton City is one of the budding commercial and residential area that is going head to head with one of the hottest tourist hangout places now, Nuvali.

I've been to Nuvali countless times, and seeing how many people flock to this place now, it is hard to find it that romantic now. Good thing, with its less crowd and mostly untouched man-made structure in its vicinity, Eton City offers a much more romantic breathing spot that I would love to see again.

Located at the South Lake Village, one of the residential communities of Eton City, there's this outdoor activity that offers a relaxing and closer-to-nature feeling that I find enjoyable during my visit there. With its man-made lake where you can do kayaking, boating and even fishing, it is one lovely spot perfect for those pre-wedding or wedding pictures that most lovers are so into nowadays.

Upon walking there, even for just a few minutes, I had this imagination of taking pictures of my subjects running around like some crazy love birds while having that picturesque slopes and stream and that lovely sunset at their background. It was love romantic spot that is really hard to let go.

For those pictures with activity, having a picnic, biking or even kite flying will look good especially if those activities involve colors that will add life to these beautiful spot.

But I honestly do not know if they will allow outsiders to do pre-nuptial photo shoot here, but I wish, with my friends who are affiliated with the company, if the time comes, they will allow us to shoot here, even with a minimal fee. ^_*

Thank you, Eton City, for sharing to me this romantic spot!
I honestly can't get it off of my head! I'm still hunting for my lovers, so I hope you'll keep this place romantic as it is.

Happy Rammmpa!


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