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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aklan: Museo It Akean

More than it's world-class Boracay and scenic Caticlan, Aklan also holds a stunning and very inspiring history that the country should be proud of. And from its tribal roots to its loving people now, Aklan presented its most priced possessions in a small box called Museo It Akean.

A collection of its famous crafts and artifacts, Museo It Akean or the Museum of Aklan tells the story of this province once part of Capiz.

For those who are wondering what does Akean means, according to this museum, the name Akean came from the Aklanon word akean, which means the warbling of the water. And Aklan having this Amazon River like sight called Aklan River, I think we can assume that their old folks got it from the sound of the river during rainy season where the river possesses full powers.

I had a chance to spend some leisure time here during my visit to this humble province, and despite of it being small and modern, I find the place presentable and really informative. This is my second Visayan museum, albeit I don't wanna compare this to the first one I've visited months ago, Museo It Akean gave me a homey feel that made me appreciate the province more.

Museo It Akean is located at the very heart of the town of Kalibo, Aklan, joining the famous Kalibo Cathedral, which the center of Catholicism in this province. The structure of this museum is composed of two levels, the ground floor serves as the receiving area and exhibit floor for the works their famous Aklanons, while the second level is basically filled with artifacts and products that can be found in this province.

Aklanon takes pride on how their tribal rituals mixed well with the coming of Sto. Niño to their land, hence they have the Ati-atihan Festival every third Sunday of January. And here in Museo It Akean, you'll get a brief background as to how everything started. And to be honest, it was a fascinating story that made me feel so proud of them.

On the first floor, that time, I was lucky to see this exhibit that presented the achievements of the Father of Aklan, the man that made Kalibo a part of Aklan province, Godofredo Peralta Ramos.

From being the province's governor, to congressman, to Justice in the Court of Appeals, and finally being the Philippine delegate  to the United Nations, Goding, as whet they call him, served as the first son of Aklan that made province known. And with his astonishing achievements that I've read on this exhibit, I guess there's no doubt he deserves this spot here in the museum.

Museo It Akean also saved some space for the first Filipino Archbishop of the Philippine Catholic Church, a man who also hails from Aklan, Monsignor Gabriel M. Reyes

Having Sto. Niño at the center of their religion, the museum also possesses some Sto. Niño replicas curved from different woods. I just dunno if these replica symbolizes something or came from reputable families in the province and donated to the museum for people to see. These are the ones that welcomed me upon reaching the upper floor.

It was here on the upper floor that I found some of their priced possessions. They may not be that stunning compared to the other museums in the world, but they sure do share a good glimpse of the province - a story most Boracay visitors barely know.

From the famous piña-weaved products of the province to their colorful lifestyle, the second level of this museum is all dedicated to the wonders of the province - a proof how bounty and happy Aklanons are.

I spent an hour reading and examining stuff here, and after that, since the veranda was open then, I took a peak and see how the heart of the town looks like - a peaceful, loving town that I would love to see and experience over and over again.

The entrance fee on this museum is Php15.00, which I personally think worth it. Open on weekdays from morning til afternoon only, if you have the opportunity to visit Aklan, don't miss the small stuff like Museo It Akean, because in these places that you'll learn how to love that province or town more.

Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. Thanks for sharing to us and to the world the beauty and wonders of Aklan and more particularly
    the Museo it Akean. It made us more proud to be an Aklanon and Filipino. May God bless you always!


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