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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Rammmpa at the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

On my second year to witness this exciting and colorful flying event in the country, let me first say BIG THANK YOU to bloggers Eric of and Jonel of for the free tickets that they gave to me and my friends to this 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Angeles, Pampangga.

This is "the flying event" that we've been waiting for, and despite of an early call time to catch these beautiful balloons color the space above Clarkfield, Pampangga, there were still thousands of spectators managed to be at this 4-day event and let themselves be amazed with the show that the Philippine Air Force has prepared for everybody.

I was lucky to be with a group of cool blogger-friends that day, and despite of all of us lacking some good sleep, we all had a great time bonding together at the last day of 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Strawberry Indulgence at La Trinidad's Strawberry Farm

It's been years since I last saw this place, and during that time, strawberries where barely there. I'm just glad that with the recently concluded Eurotel Baguio Bliss, I had a chance to see again one of my top favorite places on earth! It's time to sing "Strawberry Fields Forever!"

Baguio, being famous for its cold weather and breathtaking scenery, is also famous for its red fruits called strawberry. Though, the farms of these sweet and lovely fruits are located at the higher slopes of Mountain Province, Baguio is considered the best market place to buy these delicious fruits.

And since Baguio Bliss is all about experiencing the best of the best, instead of just having strawberries from the market, the Eurotel Team that took us up to Baguio City, brought us to the closest strawberry farm that you could visit while in this lovely place, the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tam-Awan Village: Not Your Ordinary Village

Another tourist destination that one shouldn't miss when you are in Mountain Province is this one popular village that is located at the top of La Trinidad, Benguet. Just a few minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Baguio City, you'll surely feel that you're somehow on top of the world when you reach the top vantage point of La Trinidad, the Tam-awan Village.

Tam-awan Village is a cultural and arts village established and maintained by Chanum Foundation, Inc. Incorporated. It showcased some of our native's houses that were known up in the mountains.

When I got to visit this place a few days back, we were actually welcomed by these graffiti that I think were kinda off to the whole idea of Tam-awan Village. I'm not saying that the graffiti are not good, but I really think that it would have  been better if those graffiti are nature-related.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baguio City: Orchidarium

Panagbenga season is up, and with thousands or even millions of flowers that you'll see on every float that will parade today at the infamous Session Road, don't you just wish that you could take one home and have at least one float in your house? I do! I would love to have one in our house, because I believe that fresh flowers give good vibes! Hehe.

But since that'll be very impossible to do, then why not just take a piece of that beauty by buying some nice ornamental plants here at Baguio City's Orchidarium.

Believe it or not, with years and years of visiting the lovely Baguio City, it was justwith Eurotel's Baguio Bliss that I got to visit this very lovely place! Heaven in one word.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zoocobia's Wish Lantern Festival

Please take my wish up in the air, and make it come true.

Those were the words I have in my mind as I released my first-ever wish lantern. The experience of lighting one and letting it fly was quiet ordinary, but when I looked up to the starry, starry night of Zoocobia Fun Zoo, with almost 200 wish lanterns hovering the clear sky of this lovely zoo, it was exceptionally breathtaking.

Last February 11, despite of it being a Valentine's Day affair, I braved myself in and joined the fun of experiencing a different Valentine activity for lovers, friends and family as Zoocobia Fun Zoo hosted the fist-ever "Love is in the Air - A Wish Lantern Festival."

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eurotel Baguio: Your Home to Panagbenga 2012

This February, the country's most lovely and most colorful festival is happening. And up there in Baguio City, where temperature can drop to as low as 10 degrees Celsius, people are now busy preparing for the 2012 Panagbenga Festival!

Now, do you already have a place to stay in for this year's exciting and romantic Panagbenga Festival?

Eurotel Baguio, our home during the Baguio Bliss 2012, is probably the best place for you to stay-in during this time of the year. With its awesome location at Abanao Extension, Baranggay Rizal Park, it'll surely give you comfort and easy access to the rest of tourist destinations here in the Mountain Province.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Splendid Vacation with Eurotel's Baguio Bliss

Baguio City - City of Pines. Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Lion's Head in Kennon Road, Baguio City

Baguio has been a favorite place of the many here in our country. With its cool breeze and wonderful sights to see, no wonder people keeps coming back to this lovely place over and over again.

I personally LOVE Baguio City. It is actually on my top most favorite places here in the Philippines. And as I went back here last week to be a part of Eurotel's annual Baguio Bliss, I can't help but to get excited, since this will be my first time to go up here with a group of bloggers, and curious as to what has changed in this cool yet very accommodating city.

Eurotel Baguio
(read my blog about Eurotel Baguio here)

This is the second time Eurotel hosted such vacation to a group of bloggers. Lucky me, I was qualified to join them this time to experience a world-class treatment here in Baguio.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is in the Air with Zoocobia Fun Zoo's Wish Lantern Festival

This Love Month, aside from the different Valentine's Day promos and activities that you are seeing all over the metropolis and aside from the country's most attended fiestas and festivals such as the Panagbengga Festival of Baguio City and the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta of Angeles CityClark, specifically Zoocobia Fun Zoo, has come up with another captivating and lovely festival that couples and even singles can enjoy! This year, let's also join the Wish Lantern Festival!

Who doesn't enjoy that scene in "Tangled" where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider singing on the boat with thousands of lanterns flying over them? It is one of the many scenes in many movies that I will never forget because it was really, really great. The effects, the animation, the colors, the acting, and the scoring, everything is perfect!

And this time, I think I can have the chance to experience something lovely like that with this Wish Lantern Festival. This is like a post-Chinese New Year celebration and pre-Valentine's Day celebration rolled into one.

The 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, It's Flying Time Again!

I had a chance to witness the amazing 16th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Airfield, Angeles City last year. It was so amazing that I wanna do repeat this year. But this time, I wanna make sure that I'll be there even before the sun rises up because I wanna see them all fly!

Last year was my first-ever Hot Air Ballon Fiesta, and though some of my expectations weren't met, I must say that I had a great time looking up in the sky watching our brave pilots fly in the air like some superheroes.

There were really a lot of activities to watch out for, so if I were you, you should also be there earlier so not to miss anything. And for your reference here's the schedule of this 4-day long flying extravaganza.

(read my entry on the 16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta)
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