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Thursday, October 29, 2015

An Exquisite Weekend at the Highlands

When life in the metro is too busy and it feels like the remaining fresh air that you could breathe was immediately turned into black cause by the gigantic buses that are blocking all the metro’s avenues and streets, where do you find relief?

A sanctuary two hours away from Manila via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Tagaytay City has been a hideaway to millions of metropolitan citizens who are in dire need of fresh air, beautiful scenery, a relaxation spot and comforting dishes. It is no wonder that this small town up in the mountainous region of Cavite Province is flocked by millions of visitors every year. And while millions are enjoying this cold place for a day or over a weekend, there are those who are living a pollution-free life and happily nestled in one of those comforting and secure subdivision like Tagaytay Highlands.

A few weeks ago, together with three of my favorite blogger-friends, we spent a relaxing yet enjoyable weekend in one of Tagaytay’s prime subdivision, the Tagaytay Highlands. Approximately 360 hectares of well-thought and well-developed property highlighting the lush and serene ambiance of this renowned tourist destination, Tagaytay Highlands served as our sanctuary then.

This is not my first time to set foot in this prime property. This place has been a popular wedding destination since it was opened to the public, and I’m proud to say that I have friends who celebrated their love in this beautiful and serene spot. But this weekend was actually different. Not only I discovered so many wonderful things about this place with my friends, but also experienced what it is like to live here - even for just a night.

For this community’s guests, the only place that you could check-in here is The Spa and Lodge, which is located right after the Tagaytay entrance. A few meters from the Country Club House, this log-cabin accommodation is fit to house couples and family of 3 in every room. Though a little price-y since it is inside the premises of Tagaytay Highlands, you can assure a total relaxation especially at night in here. If you want a massage before you snooze, Spa Rooms are just a few steps away, and masseuse offers their service until 10 in the evening. Breakfast are then serve at the main lobby the following day from 7 til 9 in the morning. I love our room, is was so cozy and equipped with cable TV, a refrigerator, air conditioning and a very spacious bathroom equipped with bath tub that is perfect for some night soaking.

Aside from their spacious club houses and well-manicured golf courses, Tagaytay Highlands also houses authentic and best of the best themed-restaurants that are set to add colors, style and flavors to your stay here. Would you believe that they have more than a dozen of dining places inside all poised to share the most wonderful and filling dishes that you could get when you live here? From the Asian, to European, up to North and South American cuisines, Tagaytay Highlands is packed with foodie surprises that will never let you down. Just in case you need some chips and beers, they also now have a 7-Eleven store inside! And guess what, the 7-Eleven is in a Log-cabin house! A first in the Philippines, amazing, right? You can read our wonderful food escapade here at Tagaytay Highlands here:

Dishes at Highlands Steak House

Thrill seeker would have a great time here discovering the beauty this place upholds. Our group got to experience checking out the entire Highlands property through an ATV, which is readily available inside the subdivision. There are maintenance team who are present to teach first-timers on how to ride, and there are emergency team, who comes to the rescue once someone experiences some problem with their vehicle. Thankfully, our group had a smooth travel around the area, and to our amazement, after going through some nooks and cranny, Tagaytay Highlands is indeed a wonderful place full of relaxing spots that anyone could enjoy.

A much better view of the whole Tagaytay Highlands property can be seen through the one and only cable car in the country - the Tagaytay Highlands’ Cable Car. Through this activity, you’ll be up in the sky with two-three friends to experience an aerial tour of the whole lot. It was an amazing idea to bring in such technology here for everyone to fully appreciate how beautiful and how well-maintained this prime destination. This cable car trip will also give everyone a glimpse of the beautiful themed properties inside the premises, as well as the other amenities that you could enjoy upon owning a house and lot here.

Cable Car

From Highlands to Midlands – two of the three communities inside Tagaytay Highlands that are now housing hundreds of families and individuals – one could explore both communities in a zip through Funicular, a train system inside Tagaytay Highlands that offers a breathtaking experience of the whole property as well as the magnificent view of Taal Lake and Volcano. It was thrilling as a rollercoaster ride, but a lot, lot slower. If you are afraid of heights and wanna conquer that fear, this is a sure-fire hit activity that you should try.


For nature lovers, one could find comfort and color at The Animal Farm - a petting zoo and home to miniature animals from different parts of the world. Equipped with veterinary doctor and open for consulting services, this petting zoo is consists of a great number of healthy and active live animals where kids and adults can interact and play with. Their orangutan was so big that it would wow all the kids that will see it.

The Animal Farm

Tagaytay Highlands is indeed a destination made to complete one’s life. Aside from those amenities, one could also find enjoyment and fun through these facilities that are also available to all residents and their guests of Tagaytay Highlands: two indoor badminton courts with Italian rubber vinyl flooring, wood-floored indoor basketball court, billiards hall, 14-lane disco bowling center with computerized scoring system and specially-designed neon balls and pins, two indoor squash courts, heated indoor lap pool, Sauna and steam bath, indoor table tennis, three outdoor tennis courts with synthetic grass surface, children's recreation and learning center, fishing pier, pony trail, kids' biking course, 9-hole mini-golf links, horseback riding ring and a 2.8-km bridle path, tree house, camping grounds and facilities, indoor and outdoor children’s playground, swimming pools , outdoor pools with Jacuzzi clusters and many more.

Some pets at The Animal Farm

Right now the properties are being sold to the public are Sycamore Heights, Aspenhills, Nob Hill, Katsura, The Parks at Saratoga Hills and Fairfield. Soon, Tagaytay Highlands will be expanding its horizon wider, offering the same old Tagaytay vibe that we all love. For now, you may know more about these properties that are being sold here:

Camping Area

ATV Area

Locker Room and Sauna

Camp Highlands

If given a chance, I would really love to stay longer. But I guess, for now, I don’t have a choice but to be thankful for the wonderful experience that I had with my good friends. After knowing that my dream of having a house inside this prime destinations isn’t as impossible as it seems, I can’t help but to get excited and work hard to achieve this long-term dream.

Thank you, Tagaytay Highlands for sharing the best of the best of your wonderful and dream-like property! How I wish that I can share these to my family and friends soon!

Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. Ang dami namang mga activities na pwedeng gawin dyan.

    Tagaytay has long been a favorite location for destination weddings near Metro Manila. The numerous wedding reception venues in Tagaytay is just a simple proof of how popular this area has become.


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