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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ilocos Sur: Circling Jar at Burnayan

When in Ilocos Sur, one site that tourists must see next to the century old but well-kept Crisologo Street is the famous and inspiring "Burnayan" or the the city's Jar Factory. With an industry that goes as old as the whole province, Vigan's jar factory isn't just a must-see but rather a must-experience place here for it is ready to give everyone that unique and memorable Ilocos experience set to get the creative juices out of you.

It was during my second visit at Ilocos Sur that I finally had a chance to explore and enjoy the beauty they called "Burnayan". A place I somehow consider as the Jar Heaven, "Burnayan" is one Ilocos destination set to excite one's love for classic stuff and ignites one's creative blood through jar making.

The actual name of this jar factory is RG Jar Factory. It is a famous site in the city not just because it sells different clay pots and jars, but it also demonstrate how to do it and even give guests a chance to create their own jars.

There's no entrance fee, but the jar makers ask their guests for some spare change to buy them a cigarette before they demonstrate the jar making. If you are looking forward into trying one for your self, the kind men of Burnayan are happy to teach and serve you, just be ready to get dirty and muddy because learning to do a jar may take some time. It takes body coordination, timing and patience.

I would want to try it, but since we have a limited time then, we opted to try the other, which is free and all you need is your smashing talent. Haha!

This Burnayan isn't just about jar-making, they also make beds for fishponds, which are also made of clay pots and jars. These beds are made up of broken clay jars, and according to one of the staff there, their "broken" products are sent to Pangasinan, where most of the fishes being sold in Metro Manila and nearby provinces come from.

Anyway, if you wanna release some tension, feel free to borrow their hammer and struck some clay jars at the back of the main jar factory area. If Tarlac has this Tacsiyapo Wall, Vigan's Burnayan has this "break a jar" thing. Pretty cool? Well, not really because with the serenity of the whole province I can't find any reason to get angry. Hehe. But I did enjoy that one. Haha! So Thor-like. LOL  

As we bid good bye to this beautiful place, I was reminded by one quote that really embodies my experience here, and this comes from the great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, “We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.”

As I said, this is my second time to visit the province, and it is always a delight to find something new about it. Despite of its age, I'm happy to know that the local government is doing something to bring that authentic and lovable Ilocano culture and tradition to everyone, regardless of class, age and gender.

Special thanks RG Jar Factory for their warm welcome to us!
Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. I miss Vigan! I wasn't able to visit this place. Sayang.

    (just visiting and checking whats new :))


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