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Friday, July 15, 2011

Guimaras: Raymen Resort

I'm honestly saying that I spent quite a huge amount of time looking for a nice place to stay in Guimaras. And even though, there's a handful of good choices, may it be a resort or just a plain pension house, Raymen Resort served to be the best choice for us - first-timers on the island.

I came across Raymen Resort way back in 2009 when I read news about the oil spill in Guimaras. The place was kinda affected by that spill, which I thought was really a grave threat to the people living there. But when I came across Raymen Resort again this year, and saw it on Pinoy Adventurista's site (btw, thanks for the great help!), I was amazed to see how they managed to gain back its glory!

Located at Alubihod, Nueva Valencia, Raymen Resort offers wide varieties of rooms and cottages that are perfect for a day trip or an over-night stay. And prices are really friendly despite the fact that it is "the best" resort for vacationists like us.

From the Port of Ortiz, it'll take you roughly a 45-minute tricycle ride to reach Raymen Resort. But if you are visiting Guimaras with a large number of friends or family, I suggest that you hire a multicab, which can take six to ten passengers and can travel faster. Our tricycle ride cost Php250.00, one way.

Upon reaching Sitio Alubihod, you'll pass by some nice looking gardens and houses that will make you feel so refresh. The rural feel will get into you more once you get closer to Raymen. But everything will suddenly change once you get inside the compound of the resort.

Raymen Resort looks so modernized - like an urbanized compound with all the concrete walls and steel gates and well-maintained ornamental plants.

The thing to expect when you get inside the compound are the warm smiles of every personnel you'll see. On the right side of the place, you'll see that they have a canteen that is open from morning til night, 9:00 p.m. the latest. And on the left, you'll see their small reception area, which is under the staircase, and their souvenir shops, which sells some quite interesting Guimaras items.

Raymen Resort currently have two buildings for their guests with three levels each. But they also have some extra rooms which they attached on one of the building. We got to try one of those rooms, and I can say that it was quite decent. When I checked out the windows, I saw that they currently having another building being constructed, which I believe it will be ready by summer of next year.

According to the staff there, the peak season for the resort is from March to May and from October to December. And even though that they don't increase rates during those times, it is still advisable to book your room or rooms early since I told you that Raymen Resort is the best option that Guimaras' guests could stay-in.

Raymen Resort also have some cabins and nipa sheds that are perfect for those day trips. Though, I didn't get the rates of those cabins and sheds, I think they are just as affordable as our room. By the way, they have standard rooms that has electric fans and television as well as air-conditioned rooms that has television and hot and cold showers.

I can say that staying at Raymen Resort was the Guimaras dream that I envisioned. With some great things that you can do and really enjoy, one day was somehow not enough to have a complete experience of Guimaras.

If you kinda not that adventure-seeking type of person, you can just relax at the beach and enjoy the stretch of white sand that's connecting Raymen Resort and Rico Beach Resort.

But if you area really up for some fun-in-the-sun experience, you should or you must do some island hopping!

Raymen Resort offers this activity, for small and large groups, but I think they only have few boats, so it is best to reserve a boat by the time you checked in. In Raymen Resort's island hopping trip, you'll get to see six of Guimaras' amazing islands.

But if you got there and the receptionist informed you that they run out of boats, don't worry, they have these trusted island-hopping boatman contacts who offer the same price. But if you ask me, I think these trusted island-hopping contacts offer a more fun experience and they are willing to take you to more islands of Guimaras! That is, if you are all willing to pay the extra cost. ^_^

I honestly enjoyed this activity, and if there's something that I'll be looking forward on my next visit, that'll be the other islands that we didn't get to see. ^_^ I believe there's really more. ^_^ And also that snorkeling thing that we didn't brave to do, I'd like to try  that next time. ^_^

I know someone will ask me what's the downside of Raymen Resort. Well, I guess the only issue that I would like to raise and I hope that the management of Raymen Resort gets to read this, it is the availability of toiletries allotted for every room. You see, we were three when we visit this place, and since the rooms that are available are rooms that are good for two and good for four, we rented the one that will give us more space, the good-for-four room. But when we get to know room, we found out that the only allotted towels for the room were two and the toiletries as well were only good for two. We asked the receptionist give us at least three items each, but she told us they we have to pay extra for those.

Good thing that we have our own towels and toiletries with us, so we didn't bother pushing them to give us more, or spending some extra bucks for some things that were obviously due to us. ^_^

Oh, well, still, if you are looking for a nice place to stay here in Guimaras, with really warm smile from the staff, delicious and pocket-friendly meals, decent rooms and really relaxing experience, I would still recommend Raymen Resort. ^_^ 

Happy Rammmpa! ^_^


  1. had a real bad experience in raymen resort... customer service was bad then, as if they just expect you to shell out your money, shut up, and enjoy your-stinky-stay-in-a-room-right-beside-the-open-septic-tank.
    if not for the place, i wouldn't go back to alubihod beach.

  2. Buti kayu may toiletries, kami nun wala, siguro dahil sa nipa huts lang kami na mas mura... hehehe!!! pero oks lang kc we really enjoyed our stay...mababait kc ang staffs nila noh?

    I'm glad you had a great time... thanks for the link, im happy to be of help... keep traveling Alex! :)

  3. i always stay in raymen's when in alubiho. i have also tried staying in Baras 2 years before.

    ibang iba na ang raymens, when i first went there in 2003. wala pa yung hotel rooms/building, wala din yung blue roof canopy, puro nipa huts lng and cottages and the canteen. at wala pa yung floating markers nun na nag se set ng boundary kung hanggang san lng pwede mag swim

  4. @fetus: Thanks for droppin by! With this somehow not-so0good experience with Raymen just made me decide to back to Guimaras and try the other resorts there. I wanna experience a real province life,s o maybe I'll try Baras next time. ^_^

  5. @Pinoy Adventurista: Idol, yeah, mababait naman yung mga staff nila at really helpful naman. ^_^ Thanks again! ^_^

  6. @eric: Thanks for dropping by! By next year, They'll have another building. Sila na ang pinakabonggang resort sa Guimaras pagnagakataon. Hehe.

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