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Monday, June 24, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Gazing at Pagudpud's Bantay Abot

When they say it's more fun in the Philippines, its is true! It is really more fun in the Philippines, because aside from our lovely people, pristine and truly heart-melting beaches and tourists spots, we also have some of the most unique nature-made destinations that are just a work of art. Yes, I am talking about the mountain with a hole in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte - the Bantay Abot.

"Bantay," which means mountain or hill, and "Abot," which means hole in Ilocano, is something that will make heads turn before reaching the beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach or Maira-Ira Beach of Pagudpud. Stories had it that the hole, which is visible as far as 3 kilometers, was caused by a huge impact of water that slammed against this hill giving it this unique doughnut-like appearance. And since then, it was considered one of the nicest spot to see here in Ilocos Norte.

I was lucky to finally see it on my recent visit on this beautiful province, and though, I didn't spend time to see it up close due to slippery rockies, I somehow appreciate its beauty as well as the things surrounding it. The green pasture on top of the hill is said to be a vegetation, while the the hole of it gives this bell-like shape up-close.

Locals said that it is a not good place to swim at because of the huge impact of the waves that might just cause trouble to anyone. But if you want a nice place to just hear the calming sound of the sea, well, there are few spots here where you can just hang out.

The time we get there, dark clouds were hovering the place adding more drama to what seemed a grotto to me. If all of these were done by nature, this is really a spot worth-seeing and worth capturing because there's a possibility that it might be gone sooner than expected. But other than that, I am thankful that I got to see it for adds up to my list of beautiful places here in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

Happy Rammmpa, everyone!

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