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Sunday, June 9, 2013

That Sitio Boracay Dream

It was almost a year ago since I first stepped in the beautiful island of Boracay. It was first time on that world-class tourist spot and it was all courtesy of Granprix Boracay Hideaway. It was also my first time to travel alone, and to travel for free, so everything was so memorable. And though I enjoyed my 3 days-2 nights stay there, I was still longing to experience Boracay in a far more different way - a classier one. And then comes one great blessing this year, a classy gift that will take me back to this beautiful paradise - another free accommodation - and this time at the sister hotel of Granprix Boracay Hideaway, the Sitio Boracay.

If my first time in Boracay was spent on "me, myself and I," this time, I have no plans of going there alone. Thank goodness, I have a bunch of new friends that are going there, so without further ado, I booked a flight to the beautiful island of Boracay on the same dates as my friends are. And at exactly before noon on the said date - Friday before Palm Sunday, that is - I found myself inside this beautiful cabana that will serve as my sanctuary in the next few days....

For those who haven't here yet, Sitio Boracay is located near the Holy Rosary Parish Church or the Boracay Church. And though it is not located along the fine, white sand beach, which made Boracay really famous, you can find relief in this hotel resort that offers that Aklanon hospitality that every visitor of this paradise love.

We were booked in a Deluxe Room, just a few steps away from the main gate and the pool, it was really an ideal room or us to have. As for the interior of our room, well, it was actually a loft, with a very spacious lower deck, which consisted of receiving area, a bar and a wide bathroom with a tub and an outdoor shower. While the second level is consisted of a bedroom, half the size of the whole room with a king-size bed and television in it.

What I really like about our room was that it fits for a whole family. The furniture looks really complementing, which actually gives this relaxing vibe to the whole area. It seemed that every detail here is designed for its main purpose - relaxing - that you might even forget about the rest of the island, so yeah, I like our room.

I actually noticed some of the guests there chose to rather swim in the pool than to walk an about a kilometer to beach. Well, I can't blame them, Sitio Boracay's swimming looks really inviting.

Anyway, on our first day here, since we arrived like we've been through hell and back, we just preferred to use the tub to freshen up. It wasn't that really class A kind of tub, but we managed to enjoy it. How I just wish that the toiletries managed to be with the upscale vibe of the place, because what we had there were some sort of something you can get from a motel - totally tactless.

On the other hand, since it was really spacious, I believe, guests who opt to have a room-service message can avail such upon their request to the front desk, so yay for that! The open-air shower was the love in this part actually because with that rain-shower type of shower head, it really feels like I am just outside bathing in the rain! ;-)

The breakfast here is equally good too. With options to choose from, so we had a great start of the day during our stay here. And lastly, as for the staff, well, I love all the Aklanon, their friendliness and accommodating traits are truly world-class - something that I will never get tired  of experiencing.

So, if you are looking for a place for your Boracay getaway despite the summer is already over, Sitio Boracay you dreamland too. Its a different Boracay experience, far away from the busy and crowded shores of the White Beach, an experience worth remembering!

I hope to experience you again, Boracay! Thank you, Sitio Boracay!
Happy Rammmpa!


  1. My husband and I really wanted to stay here for our honeymoon but they were already fully booked that time so we stayed somewhere else. It was the outdoor shower that got my attention. :)

  2. Hmmm... I should go check Sitio Boracay for myself. I used to live near the church, but never noticed this. Thanks for this post!

  3. This resort in boracay is perfect for families and couples. Very nice, quiet and above all accommodation is reasonable.


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