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Monday, July 1, 2013

Ilocos Norte: The Glistening Beauty of Kapurpurawan Rocks

If you want to know when is the best time to visit this glistening beauty of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, I'd say the rainy season. Because with its flowing silk-like beauty, it created a better illusion with water dripping all over it. And together with my friends, I was lucky to witness all of that when visited the Kapurpurawan Rocks.

It was a treacherous path towards to the what seemed to be a gem created by nature. With rocks, mosses and even small living creatures around, we braved the rain taking the chance to just even gaze at the white rock formation. But the moment we saw it, it felt like there's someone from it that's calling us, and in less than an hour, we found ourselves staring at this humongous white rock glistening while the rain water dripping from it. It was such a beautiful gem!

Kapurpurawan Rocks was a dream destination to me then. With its unusual look and real and pure color, who wouldn't wanna see that up close, right? It is a dream come true to me now. But honestly, when you get here, just "seeing it " is not enough. To purely feel the love from the nature, you must climbed up there to its peak and just be like a a free bird with arms spread wide open. It was a great feeling to be up there, standing in a pure white rock that in a few more years will be goner.

Locals and our tour guide told us that since it is just made up of white sand, it is possible that in a few more years or decade, this beauty will be gone. That's why the local government is trying its effort to somehow preserve it. One of the many efforts is to keep the tourist from climbing up, though during our visit, the rule hasn't been approved, we were lucky to see the whole lot.

I saw on the TV before that some locals do this hunting  for the black gold - a sea creature that is color black and cost a lot when sold to Chinese restaurants. It was said that they do the hunting during rainy season, sadly during our visit here, we didn't see a single local hunting, so I guess I still have a reason to revisit this place. Hehe.

How I wish that we could really save this place, but I know that when the time comes that we have to bid goodbye to this beauty, the nature has its own magic to create something more beautiful, and I guess that's a good point to see a more and beautiful Ilocos Norte!

Until next time, Kapurpurawan Rocks! Until next time Ilocos Norte!
Your beauty is beyond compare and I cannot wait to be back there again!

Happy Rammmpa!


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