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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ilocos Norte: The Heartof Batac at the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum

Even though I didn't really experience the tyranny of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos during the Martial Law era in our country, seeing all of these things that are quiet contrary on what the history books have told me kinda made me think is it really that scary during that time?

Located at the quiet and peaceful City of Batac, before seeing the natural wonders of Ilocos Norte, I suggest that one must take a step back in time and visit one of the many places that praises President Ferdinand E. Marcos, the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum.

I've been hearing a lot of things about this place on the television and despite of that creepy feel that it gives on me thinking that the real dead body of the late president is STILL lying there, I still braved it to see this place and see what it has to offer to the tourist of this beautiful region.

Located at the very heart of the city, Marcos Museum and Mausoleum houses hundreds of memorabilia of Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Marcos that will give you a quick tour back in the time when we was still a fine gentleman of Ilocos Norte. I honestly didn't that he look so handsome back then, and his achievements in life are indeed overwhelming.

A 5-peso entrance fee will be ask from you upon entrance. There's really nothing much on the first floor but the administrative office, but once you reach the second level, a very old TV will welcome you showing the late president's announcement of Martial Law. I believe it was the same clip that they had back in September 21, 1972 when he officially announced the law that ruled out most of the human rights in our country.

I didn't pay too much attention on it since I've seen that too many times before. What got my attention was the display of trinkets, letters, clothes and mannequins that just look like the late president displayed all over the room.  It was kinda creepy at firs, because comparing this from the other museum of personalities that I've been before, this one of President Marcos' is the first to have such a real-life size display.

To be honest, I am amaze as to how these whole collection was put into such an amazing display - from the plate numbers, to diplomas, to clothes and shoes, everything is wow! I know that there are more of this where it really came from, but seeing each piece somehow gave me an idea why a lot of people voted for him before and why a lot of people patronize him and his wife Imelda Romualdez-Marcos until now.

After going through such an information overload, I and my friends decided to finally see the mausoleum where the said body of the late president is resting. Encapsulated in this fiberglass tube, which will give you a view of what a dead person looks like when inside the coffin, there he was stiff and sturdy, lying with fresh flowers surrounding him. This is the first time that I see a dead person that looks like he is just sleeping. Creepy as it was, we stayed there for some minutes.

Cameras are not allowed inside, so please respect the rule. Though, I must say that I was saddened by what I saw inside, I can't blame his family if they still don't want him to put into his final resting place. But I hope that someday soon, they'll give him the rest that he needs. I feel sorry that he is being displayed like that, really. 

I prayed for his soul for I know that he needs it. 

And after an hour, our group finally decided to leave the place. I never thought that it would be an emotional visit, and seeing that phrase again ad again, I guess there are some things that only time could heal.

May you rest in peace soon, President Marcos!

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  1. Interesting place, this could have completed our tour :( Na-miss namin to pasokin when we were in Ilocos, under renovation kasi sya that time good thing nakapasok kami sa mausoleum.


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