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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ilocos Norte: Revisiting Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

There are really places in this world that seeing once is not enough , and I'm really thankful for the opportunities given to me - opportunities that do not just bring me to different places but also makes me do the thing that I love the most, appreciate the beauty of this world at its finest moment. All that including the howling wind and tarnish rust, I got to do all over again in Ilocos Norte's Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

We were just in the nick of time when we arrived at this towering beauty of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Though, it may seem that nothing has changed in it, the moment I passed by its newly painted gates, I know that there is something new - something different - about this place that only my sixth sense can tell.

Unlike my previous visit here in Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, the place was so empty when we arrived. The guard was the only man left and he was about to leave then. Thankfully, he was so kind to let us in to see the whole lot.

The museum's doors were still open when we got there, so we had a chance to see it too. The sun was still up that time, so there's some natural light coming from the window, but it wasn't that enough. The creepy feel encapsulated the whole place the moment the wind started to blow. 

I would have enjoyed the wind if only the howling wasn't that scary. Our group, after some minutes in the museum, then headed to the lighthouse tower. Sadly, according to the guard, Philippine Coast Guard advised to closed it to the public for safety reasons. But on my last visit here, I was able to see it all. The beauty inside the tower - the rustic staircase, the newly installed light that supposedly shining at night and the the over-all color of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse - oh, every thing was like wine that gets better and better as time goes by.

The guard said to us that there might be a possibility that the government will bring back Cape Bojeador Lighthouse glorious days that's why it was closed to the public, but upon researching more, I cannot see any account of that idea. But I do hope that they really somehow put life to this beautiful place once again. I'm sure more tourist will be delighted to see this place.

It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon then when we finally thanked the guard on-duty for letting us see the whole place. We bid goodbye to this creepy but beautiful place here in Burgos, Ilocos Norte and promised to be back once its whole being comes back to life.

Thank you, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, for earthly colors that never fail to inspire me!
Thank you, Ilocos Norte, because you are own of the many provinces that treasure our history and everything that comes with it!
And thank you for the ghost that didn't show up when we were there. I know we were greeted by someone we cannot see, and I am thankfully that we welcomed accordingly.

Until next time, Ilocos! Happy Rammmpa!


  1. Wow! nice peace of journalist, beautifully put together...makes me want to take my next vacation now!

  2. Been to Ilocos Norte once, nagpunta rin kame in that same Lighthouse tower. Normally, mahaba talaga pia. But worth the wait though.

    Thanks for the awesome post!


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