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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Rammmpa at the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

On my second year to witness this exciting and colorful flying event in the country, let me first say BIG THANK YOU to bloggers Eric of and Jonel of for the free tickets that they gave to me and my friends to this 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark, Angeles, Pampangga.

This is "the flying event" that we've been waiting for, and despite of an early call time to catch these beautiful balloons color the space above Clarkfield, Pampangga, there were still thousands of spectators managed to be at this 4-day event and let themselves be amazed with the show that the Philippine Air Force has prepared for everybody.

I was lucky to be with a group of cool blogger-friends that day, and despite of all of us lacking some good sleep, we all had a great time bonding together at the last day of 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

It was last year that I first experienced this event, and since I didn't see all of them flew, I got frustrated and promised to myself to be on the following year's early flight to have a good experience of this gigantic balloons.

And so, as early as 5 a.m. of February 12, together with my blogger-friends, we were already a part of the crazy crowd going inside the Clark Air Base. This is my second year, so I already have an idea where to place our tent to get and nice view of the show.

Though, there's no sign of sun coming out of the clouds, the show started as soon as the sky gave a brighter view.

It was my first time to sing our national anthem while looking a skydiver who was carrying the flag. No, it wasn't actually a flag raising but a flag flying instead. COOL!

Right after that, the most anticipated part started.

I think there were about 30 balloons on the ground that morning. Coming from different countries, representing different brands and possessing different looks, the crowd went gaga as soon as the fire zooms out of those machines and balloons started raising.

I was one of the lucky early birds who got a nice front row spot, so I somehow got some close shots of the people and their balloons.

It was so amazing by how these gigantic balloons look that way, and more amazing on how fast they were inflated. That's why in less than 30 minutes, each one of them started flying giving excitement and fun to their spectators.

The giant cake balloon and daisy balloon were the stars of the show. There was also an ice cream, a car and orange that participated on this year's show.  It was simply amazing! And just like how fast they were blown up that faster they were gone. And that's the cue for everybody to check our the other activities that were prepared to us.

We were able to check out the outstanding aircraft on-display as well as the military equipment that they use in their operations. Just like last year, there were also booths to check out, but this year, there were more! REALLY MORE! That's why it was kinda crowded inside.

After we bought out souvenir stuff, the sleepless group decided to have lunch first at SM Clark before heading home. I would want to stay longer, but the weather that morning wasn't okay, so it was really a good idea to leave earlier.

I'll be back again next year. And this time I'm promising to take better pictures. I'm not really happy with my photos, but on the other hand, I still enjoyed my day here since I'm with my blogger-friends.

Thanks, Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!
Happy rammmpa!

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