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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feel at Home in Pagudpud's Sabrina Beach Home

Holy Week is fast approaching, and despite of the church's call to repent on this sacred week, I know that there are still a lot of you out there who prefer repenting in a more relaxing way. Anyway, Philippines is not 100% Roman Catholic anymore, so might as well spent your well-deserve vacation in a serene and peaceful place. And to some, I'm sure serene and peaceful spell P-A-G-U-D-P-U-D, but do you already have a place to stay in this world-renowned place? Try and check out Sabrina Beach Home!

I happened to know Sabrina or Sabrina Beach Home through a friend who's been going in and out of Pagudpud every year. It is one of the latest additions to the line of beautiful places to stay in Saud, Pagudpud. I had a chance to check out the place a few months back and experienced it for two nights. I must say that with their friendly staff, quite an affordable rates and good location, this is a nice option for your upcoming Holy Week vacation.

Finding Sabrina Beach Home is so easy once you've reached the welcoming arch of Pagudpud. It is located right after Saud Beach Resort, which is a known landmark along Saud Beach coastal line.

Facade of Sabrina Beach Home

Room rate starts at around Php1500.00 a night. These rooms are air conditioned, has its own bathroom and can accommodate up to four persons. They also have rooms for two and for family, but I'm not really sure about their rates now.

During my stay here, I'd say that the place adopted the idea of "home stay", which is a common thing on the houses around the area. There were really lot of "home stay" houses here, but I think the edge of Sabrina from them and to the other hotels is their new furniture. Since this beach home opened just some few years ago, all of their stuff here are really new and mostlyl unused.

We arrived at Sabrina Beach Home around 2 a.m. that day, and to our surprise, our contact "Ate" waited for us, which is very touching. Tired from the very long drive from Manila, she and her husband who's been manning the beach home immediately assisted us to our rooms where we will be spending two nights.

There are really a lot to see on this part of the country, and if you think that spending two nights here is enough, you are very wrong.

Before hitting the sack, Ate knocked at our room to check on us if we are already settled and to ask us what do we want for breakfast. We were the only guests that time, so the accommodation was really pleasing. We said that we brought some canned goods from Manila, and so if its okay, we just want them to cook our food and we'll just pay for the cooking and also for the other stuff that we'll have like the rice and juices. She was very happy with our idea, and so she let us take our rest and call it a night.

We woke up around 7 in the morning, and with a beautiful sun waiting for us to come out, a hearty breakfast was already prepared for the six of us. It really felt like home. ^_^

Our breakfast

We spent a lot of time exploring Pgudpud and its nearby town, and when our field trip around Pagudpud was done, we ordered some nice sounding dishes from their menu, and had it for our dinner.

Our dinner

Seriously, it was just like staying at home. Hehe. Everything was tasty and just right.

Sabrina Beach Home has around 15 rooms available now. I said "now" because when we where there, the place was obviously not yet done. There's still a plan of adding a third floor, so expect more rooms in the coming days.

The ground floor has some few rooms perfect for big groups. They have a dining area where a big LCD can be used for some karaoke nights, and there's also their big kitchen if you wanna have something to eat. Ate is willing to stay up late just to look for us, so it was really accommodating.

The second floor, is obviously not that really safe for kids since there are not enough railings, that's why Ate said that if they have guests who'll be coming with kids, they gave the rooms on the first floor if still available to avoid such accidents. 

The time we went there, everything was very simple. They do not have Wi-Fi around the area so I kinda enjoyed being offline, something that an online person like me don't usually like. But with the quietness and peacefulness of the whole surrounding, all in all, the whole beach home is really a simple yet pleasing place to stay here in Pagudpud. It is just a few steps away from the lovely Saud Beach where you'll get the amazing and breathtaking view of Bangui Windmills, too!

The view from Saud Beach

I personally think that Saud Beach is better than Blue Lagoon. Though, you may stumble some good reviews of that beach, but I really think that this yellowing sand of Saud Beach and its breathtaking landscape is something that you'll love to see here in Pagudpud.

So, if you still don't have plans this coming holiday season, there's some quite and peaceful place up north that you can check out. Pagudpud has gained such popularity because of its serene environment, just make sure that you'll book a nice, decent place to enjoy your trip there. And Sabrina Beach Home is highly recommended by Rammmpa! :-)

If you wanna know more about the place, you can contact Rina at (02)7512146,  (0919) 3111439 and Rachelle at (0915) 2927835. They also have a Facebook Page and its Sabrina Beach Home.

Remember, Holy Week is one of those holidays where we get to ask for forgiveness to our god and to the people  who we've hurt and hurt us. It is also the time where a lot of us can get some well-deserve vacation. We can do both by just learning how to manage time. :-)

Happy summer, everyone!


  1. been there.. and it was perfect

    1. what are the nearby (just on foot) hotel resorts & restaurants from Sabrina?

  2. Try Googling it... When we got there last year, we didn't bother looking for other resorts/hotels nearby the area but I think there should be at least one.

  3. Is Sabrina Beach home "beachfont? If not how many meters walk?

    1. i guess a minute or two walk. not good with meters/measurement, sorry.:-)

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