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Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Travelling Partner

Saying good bye is really hard, right? May it be with the one we used to love, a family member who already joined our Creator, a pet who can't stand that test of time of may it be a thing, a valuable thing that you are holding on to because of the great memories that it shared with you. I've been through all of those stuff, and yeah, it is hard. But when there's something or someone new that is coming along, letting go is starting to get easy.

I'm not posting this blog to share to you a recent heartbreak with someone I used to love, but instead, I'm sharing this story to say goodbye to my old and tired travelling partner and to say hello too to my new travelling partner!

Guys, I'm talking about my new travelling bag here. Hehe.

You see, I bought this bag back in 2009. It is from Clipper, a novelty store that you can find on some malls before. But it seems that destiny has been good to them and you can see them now in every mall in town! Good job, Clipper!

If I'm not mistaken, Clipper is the sister company of Blade, a store that sells automotive stuff.

Anyway, back in 2009, when I still scouting for a travelling bag, my few points to consider were, first, the price, second, the size, and third, the style (design included).

It was then that I started to be fascinated with travelling - budget vacation, actually. So since, I'm just starting back then, my number one priority, to enjoy and not to over spend, was the idea that I kept in my mind. And probably until now, that's why I'm still on the road reaching different places.

To continue, I saw this bag at Php999.75. It wasn't on sale, but it kinda fit in to my budget, so I checked it out. The size was just perfect for me and so as the style. Whatever I decided to do, whenever I decided to go, this bag, I think, would be perfect for those! But since, Clipper wasn't that popular ye back then, and I do not have any idea as to how good their products were - durability and etcetera, I'm honestly pessimistic about it when I bought.

I first used it for my week-long vacation in Cebu and Bohol, where I got to test its durability. And after two and a half years, this bag is still alive! I could still use it, really, but since, I'm travelling with style now, so sad to say, I need a replacement.

You see, the leather-y part of the bag has already chipped. It has been through rain, beach water and airport stickers for most of that two and a half years, so I can't really blame Clipper about it. Hehe. But other than that, everything is still okay. But because of my "kaartehan, as what my mother usually calls it, I'm putting this bag to rest.

I could have bought a different bag, a more popular brand this time, but my heart says that Clipper bags are still my kinds.

And luckily, last week, when I went to the mall, I saw an almost the same one but with a better style! And guess what? The price is still the same! Wee!

So, now, let me present to you my new travelling partner! My Happiness Keeper! My Dream Co-catcher!

Haha! It's color white now and has this "Happy Tree Friends" design! And I'll be using it for the first time today for my Palawan vacation with my Superfriends! So, I really love it! And I think, is is really destined to be mine! :-)

Thank you, Clipper, for still having this kind of bag! And thank you too, for having it at the same price! Wee!

Hello, Summer 2012! Happy rammmpa, everyone!


  1. great bag!!! will hop to mall today and will check that out.. i'm also hunting for a new backpacking companion....


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