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Monday, February 27, 2012

Strawberry Indulgence at La Trinidad's Strawberry Farm

It's been years since I last saw this place, and during that time, strawberries where barely there. I'm just glad that with the recently concluded Eurotel Baguio Bliss, I had a chance to see again one of my top favorite places on earth! It's time to sing "Strawberry Fields Forever!"

Baguio, being famous for its cold weather and breathtaking scenery, is also famous for its red fruits called strawberry. Though, the farms of these sweet and lovely fruits are located at the higher slopes of Mountain Province, Baguio is considered the best market place to buy these delicious fruits.

And since Baguio Bliss is all about experiencing the best of the best, instead of just having strawberries from the market, the Eurotel Team that took us up to Baguio City, brought us to the closest strawberry farm that you could visit while in this lovely place, the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.

Around 30- to 45-minute drive from Baguio City, one can enjoy picking fresh strawberries here in this about 3-hectare strawberry land. With its breathtaking view of the Mountain Province, I'm sure that other than getting busy picking the biggest and reddest strawberry that you could find, you could also capture the breathtaking view that you'll love to share to your family and friends.

It was my first time to really enjoy  this place. Almost every row has strawberries in it and most of them are already ripe and ready for picking.

Guests can harvest these fresh strawberries for Php200.00 a kilo, but sometimes the price changes due to season. Thankfully, when we got there, it was already February, where strawberries bears fruits like crazy, so it was really fun!

I also got to see some other crops there, which are also famous in Baguio, like lettuce, onions, cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages. You can also buy these veggies fresh at the market right outside the farm, and they come in very affordable prices!

And right after harvesting and having fun with the strawberries, since I know that it's kinda tiring, treat yourself with Baguio City's very own Strawberry Taho, or the sweet and cool Strawberry Ice Cream! 

Strawberry fields forever, indeed! And I just love it! 

Hope to be back soon, Baguio! Happy rammmpa!


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