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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zoocobia's Wish Lantern Festival

Please take my wish up in the air, and make it come true.

Those were the words I have in my mind as I released my first-ever wish lantern. The experience of lighting one and letting it fly was quiet ordinary, but when I looked up to the starry, starry night of Zoocobia Fun Zoo, with almost 200 wish lanterns hovering the clear sky of this lovely zoo, it was exceptionally breathtaking.

Last February 11, despite of it being a Valentine's Day affair, I braved myself in and joined the fun of experiencing a different Valentine activity for lovers, friends and family as Zoocobia Fun Zoo hosted the fist-ever "Love is in the Air - A Wish Lantern Festival."

I've heard and read many attempts of copying this wish lantern thing of China, and no one succeeded in doing it so far, so I was kinda pessimistic if this one will be a success. Surprisingly, with almost a thousand of attendees on this pre-Valentine's Day, the event pushed through and made our nights dramatically lovelier - something that I will never forget in my life.

Our visit to this zoo, which is located at Clark, Pampanga, started with a little tour around the place. It was also that day that they opened their newest attractions, so expect that when you pay a visit here, your day will be filled with lots of fun and exciting activities.

We also got a glimpse of their show where the star animals showcased their unique talents. Some other stuff kept us entertained while waiting for the main event that day.

The weather was fairly good that day, and as our appetite, thank goodness that they have a cafe here that serves really good food.

We had this burger as our "meryenda" here, and it seriously filled us up til the main show started. I didn't get a chance to know the price of this burger, but it was really, really good, even my friends found it really nice.

The show "Love is in the Air" started a little after 6. With guests who were asked to stay up in the cafeteria, the parade of bands and animals happened.

Fire Dance also made the night warmer, signalling the most-anticipated part is about to come.

Just before the lighting of wish lanterns starts, all participating guests were given with this kit containing a piece of paper with ribbon in it and a candle.

The organizers told us to write down our wishes on that paper. Then after that, they guided us to the flying area where hundreds of wish lanterns were sitting.

It is important to have a companion or companions with you when lighting a wish lantern because it was kinda big. Thankfully, my friends assisted me and even take a photo of me while I light my lantern.

As I said the experience of lighting it was kinda okay, but when the lantern started to fly on its own, the excitement started. I also helped my other friends and took their photos too, you can see some of those below.

It was hard to take photo due to darkness, but I'm glad I was able to take some good shots. ^_^

As the signal to release the lantern blares, we all watched the lanterns lit the dark sky of Clark, Pampanga, while having the song from the movie "Tangled" in our background.

Everything was real but it felt like a dream, an unexplainable joy that I'm sure all of us felt. How I wish we can do this every night. Hehe.

Right after all the lanterns were gone, an acoustic band took the spotlight and gave us one chillaxing night, a nice way to end the Saturday.

It was already past 10 when we decided to pack our bags and go home. And though, I didn't see the whole lot of Zoocobia, I'm sure that I'll be back here to enjoy the remaining spots that I missed.

More pictures here!

Thank you Zoocobia Fun Zoo for this unforgettable experience!
May all our wishes do come true!

Happy rammmpa!

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  1. Really nice. There's a new attraction in Clark. I would not know this if I have not read this post. Got new reason to visit Clark! Good job Alex! .


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