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Saturday, November 13, 2010

ETON Centris: New Home of SIDCOR Sunday Market

If you can’t find the Sunday Market that you used to love at the Lung Center in East Avenue, Quezon City, don’t pout, because they just moved to a better and bigger venue. Shop ‘til you drop at SIDCOR’s Sunday Market at the new heart of Quezon City, the ETON Centris, Centris Walk.

If you don’t have any plans this coming beautiful Sunday morning, well, why not head to Centris Walk with your family or friends. They will definitely enjoy their Sunday morning with SIDCOR’s wide variety of goodies that they can buy in a very friendly price. Who knows, you can even make “tawad” at the price that you want! Hehehe. So, good luck!

Last Sunday, I was lucky to be there to witness their first Sunday at Centris Walk. And oh, boy! The place was just so lovely!

When I got there, I quickly headed to their food section because I saw a lot of interesting food. Like, I saw a bagnet there and other Ilocano dishes. Yumm! There were also dishes from Pampanga, Bulacan and even from Laguna, Quezon and many more. Indeed, this is a great place for foodistas. So, if you are planning for some authentic Filipino foodie adventure, VISIT THIS PLACE THIS SUNDAY!

I also saw some of the preserve dishes and some pastries, which I tried. The cheesecake was simply delicious.

After that delectable quick tour in the country with those dishes, I then headed to the personal and homes stuff. Since Christmas is coming, most of the items that they were selling have something to do with the upcoming celebration. I’m sure that you’ll never leave this section without anything on your hands, because the items here, some are native stuff and some are imported, were simply irresistible.


I saw this booth where these really nice Indonesian crafts were sold. Oh, I can’t wait to go back this coming Sunday to see some of their new stuff. This was one of the busiest booths in this flea market.

I got a good look to a booth that caters to cartoon character collectibles, and a booth that was for female only.

After that section, my next destination was the gardening section. My Ermats was so eager to go there after I showed here these pictures. Hehehe.

Most of the plants are flower-bearing kinds, which are really good to beautify your gardens. But they also have some fruit-bearing ones and some that are so rare to find. I believe they are also selling seeds here for those plants that you wanna have in your garden.

And probably this coming Sunday they’ll have live animals which you can purchase. Perfect for pet lovers!

Despite of the skin-burning heat since it was around 11 in the morning when I got there, I didn’t mind it and headed to the wet market section.

I’m just a market sucker. Hehe.

In their wet market section, you can see some fresh meat and seafood which were brought in from the different parts of the country. I saw there these mouth-watering prawns that were just so hard to ignore. They even have Dagupan’s Boneless Daing na Bangus and Fresh Batangas Beef.

While, eye-catching and fresh-looking fruits and vegetables were available in the dry section.

There were also some dried food like this Tinapa.

At the far end of the market, they have this “ihaw-ihaw” section where these challenging-to-eat food were available.

It was really one fun Sunday morning that I would to do every day. Hehe.

And since last Sunday, my Ermats keeps reminding me to bring her to Centris Walk, so I think by next week, I’ll be applying some sunblock, because, for sure, my Ermats would buy a lot of plants – for Christmas. Hehehe.

For those who didn’t know where Centris Walk is, it is just a few steps from the MRT Quezon Avenue. You can check my previous blog to have a clear background about the place -

Centris Walk and SIDCOR Sunday Market is open from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon.

And if you wanna lease a space here, you can contact 0917-5131573. Or you can visit

So, see you at Centris Walk on Sunday. If you saw me, feel free to say hi or just tap in the back, I might have my audio player plug in my ears. :-D


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Alex! I'm looking forward for tomorrow's trip. Love the kakanin and hope my mom comes with me & Miguel. For sure, she's gonna love to buy some plants & those gardening stuff. :)

  2. This really seems to be the biggest weekend food market/ I like whole of the concept. Everyone would like to go their.

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  4. hmm. where else could i find an organic market that is open on weekdays? cant come on a sunday. :c


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