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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

If you are planning for simple road trip or some quick beach bumming but too tire to drive down to the southern part of Luzon, why not head north for a change, take NLEX and SCTEX roads and go straight to Subic? That's where I and 5 of my closest friends spent our Halloween. Hehe. (You can also book Camayan Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales with Traveloka.)

Since, we were kinda used to unplanned getaways, our crazy feet and tight budget brought us, during the Halloween weekend, tot Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) where we spent an afternoon of beach bumming and skin tanning. Hahaha! (as if there's I can still tan my tone. LOL)

It was our first time to visit SBMA on our own, so we were kinda lost and had no idea where to stay. Thank God, that SBMA is really one of the best place near Manila where street signs are there to help you. And along the winding roads of SBMA, we saw the Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel sign and that's when we decided to go straight there.

To my surprise, Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel is just some minutes drive past Zoobic Safari and just some few steps from Ocean Adventure.

Located just around the area of Ocean Adventure, this simple and very nice hotel-resort was formerly known at the Miracle Beach. And miracle as it may seemed that we have found it, this was where we spent a delightful Halloween Get-Together. 


The entrance fee for adult is Php300.00, while Php250.00 for the kids. And tough we found it a little expensive for a beach entrance and since it seemed that we don't have any other choice that day, we paid the cashier for the entrance fee and we also booked for a cabana for us to stay in, the cabana cost us Php1000.00 for the whole day - with this one, we found it affordable, so we were kinda satisfied with the deal.

Just before entering the beach, you'll be asked to read the rules and regulations carefully - I found this really nice.

And as we stepped inside the resort, I noticed that the price of the entrance fee was reasonable and. With all the activities that you can do while you're here and the pleasant vibes of the surrounding, an fun-filled day awaits you, indeed.

 The place so far is very inviting, eh?

But did you know what the staff takes pride off other than the clean surrounding and good vibes?  Yep, it's their restaurant! They told us that their restaurant serves authentic Filipino dishes, as well as scrumptious Mediterranean and Western cuisines at a very affordable price.

And though I didn't got a picture of, I'd like to commend this place of their restroom, changing rooms and shower areas. They were so clean and nice smelling, something that gave us a remarkable impression.

Here's a picture of the cabana that we rented:

It was kinda big for all of us, so we really thought that the Php1,000.00 was really a good deal. As for the room, I believe you have to booked it separately to their hotel. As far as I remember, the room rates go around Php3,000 to Php5,000.00 a night and it comes with breakfast and free use of the beach.

Here are some photos of their very clean and beautiful beach. 

This is, by far, the cleanest beach I've been too here in Luzon and I wouldn't mind going back here again because aside from those wonderful stuff I've mentioned, I still got more.

Of course, before going to any place, specially if you have a car, one factor you are looking into is the parking space, and I'm happy to share to you all that they have a spacious one.

And just like the whole lot of SBMA, Camayan didn't fail reminding their guests and giving us guides on how to act inside and around the vicinity.

And not only that, if things come to worse, they have life guards and medics stations are available to assist their guests.

Oops, my bad, the team manning this area switched that time, so if you noticed something is missing, that's my fault. I intentionally took this picture without them. Hihi.
And aside from all these, one thing that I got fond of about this place was, they have spots for hatching turtle eggs!

This was one of the really great places I've been to this year, and I do hope that whoever reads this blog will share this, so that everyone would know that this wonderful and clean beach here in Luzon that family and friends can enjoy. And it is called Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel!

Wee! Happy Rammmpa!


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