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Monday, November 1, 2010

Safari Night at Zoobic Safari

I and 4 of close friends had a Halloween celebration at Subic last weekend. And since we're not kids anymore, we celebrated it a day before. Hehehe.

Our destination... Zoobic Safari! Wee!

We learned that Zoobic Safari will be having their first-ever Night Safari, so we thought that spending a night with some scary, eye-glistening-in-the-dark animals can be more scary than those ghost stories, so with our bags all packed, we all headed to Subic!

According to their posters, Night Safari trips will start at around 5pm, and because we arrived there 30 minutes earlier, we spent some of our time looking at some attraction around the receiving area and took some pictures of them.

It so nice to see that Zoobic Safari was all dressed up for Halloween, with all the signage place strategically, like a real cemetery scene, in front of their receiving area.

On the pathway to the entrance, these real animal skeletons will welcome you to Zoobic Lounge.

Upon our unguided tour, I saw these interesting stuff that I took pictures of. This was my second time in Zoobic Safari, and I cannot believe that I'm still amazed by the beauty of the place. Hehe.

I also saw this sign that really made me happy.

Love for the nature, I LOVE IT!

And so, as the dark of the night bit and the air started to get cold, the Halloween treat that we've been waiting for starts.

Guided by the energetic Apple, our assigned tour guide for this trip, she led the way to our first destination, the Zoobic Park.

First, we passed along the cafeteria where it was also adorned with Halloween decos.

And even the crews!

I also noticed this new food joint inside the cafeteria that served fresh, hot out-of-the-stove dishes at a very friendly price - a must-try!

Inside the Zoobic Park were different animals, nocturnal and diurnal animals, that were classified to types.

With these torches lighting our way, we headed to Bird Walk, the Rodent Walk and Serpentarium.

Did you know what part that I hated the most? Oh, God, it's the Mice Surprise!
If you have heart problems, don't come in here. SERIOUSLY!

Wanna know why? Oh, come on! It's a surprise, of course! Hahaha!
But if you treat me a tub of ice cream, I'll tell you. Lols.

After that short on-foot tour, it's time for us to ride on these lighted Zooper Train. These reminded me of that soda commercial, so I found it more Christmas-y that Halloween-ish. Hahaha! Nonetheless, I liked it! ^_^

Our Zooper Train took us first to Forbidden Cave and Zoobic Cave where we saw these dead and stuffed animals on displays. Be careful too here because there are some animals in here that are still alive. Like the snake! Hahaha! But I will not tell you where it was placed. ;-P

Quickly after that, the Zooper train brought us to the Tiger Safari - the most exciting part!
I've never seen tigers at night, so this was kinda exciting to me. I wanna know what these safari beasts do at night if they see humans.

The tiger that we encountered, I think, was already full from a day of eating chicken meat. Hahaha! The feeder took some moments teasing the tiger before the bloated beast stood up and took a bite of those raw chicken meat. Hehe.

Me and my friends feel sad for the tiger actually, but we're still somehow happy for his showmanship. Lols.

After that, and some few minutes of breathing some fresh air from that close encounter, our tour guide Apple told us to be ready because we're about to experience one of the highlights of  Night Safari, the Greyhound Walk.

Greyhound Walk is a 30-minute on-foot trail guided by three greyhounds per group.

Yes, 30 minutes! So make sure that you have your walking shoes or rubber shoes, good eyesight and strong knees on this part, because this may take a lot of your energy. But don't worry, you'll enjoy this nature trip at night just like the way I did.

One of the pit stop in this trail is the Zoobic Safari's F4 Show. Hehe.

Oh, these guys were so great! Everybody from our group got really amazed and really applauded them.

Our trail ended at the entrance of the next attraction, the Croco Loco.

If there's one part of this whole Zoobic Safari that I really don't like, this is it. I really, really hate crocodiles. I find them the filthiest animals on earth. I really don't like them.

But since, there's no other way out but to get through this part, might as well enjoy the scene. 

After that, we were brought back to the Zoobic Lounge where the parade of animals was about to start.

They added something to the usual show, they now have performances of the tour guides and Aetas, who I found so great with their stunts. Bravo!

The Aetas performance.

That was one tiring Halloween night, but sure as hell and heaven that it was soooo fun! I can't wait to come back here, really! Hahaha!

This was a unique experience for me and my friends that we will never forget.

You can still catch the second-ever Night Safari on December 30. Kids and kids-at-heart will definitely enjoy this. Tickets cost at Php499.00 for adults and Php399.00 for kids.

Thank you, Zoobic Safari!
Til next time!  :-)
And happy Halloween again!


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