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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

La Loma Catholic Cemetery

A week before Halloween creeps into our nerves, let me start the scaring by sharing to you these photos that I took when I visited the niche of my cousin at La Loma Catholic Cemetery.

La Loma is situated at the boundary of Manila and Caloocan cities,a stone-throw away from the famous Chinese Cemetery of Manila.

And I know for a fact that talking here wouldn't give you any reason to be scared off, so without further ado, here are the photos that I took on my latest Rammmpa!

Most of them are statues inside the cemetery that I find so interesting...

I believe La Loma Catholic is one of the oldest cemetery in Metro Manila.
It also houses the remains of some famous personalities from entertainment, politics and others.


And lastly, the place of my cousin.

We miss you, Ate Ning-ning! *muah*
Happy Halloween from Rammmpa!


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