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Monday, October 11, 2010

Feast of Rosario, Pasig

I barely got to attend town feast, because for one I didn’t know their exact dates. Most of the time, dates of town feasts change depending on the Sundays of the year or to some, they just stick to a specific date that no matter what, rain or shone, they celebrate this once a year town celebration.


Feasts back in the old days were celebrated to give thanks to their patron with a grandeur celebration with lotsa, lotsa food everywhere.


Actually, until now, some towns still celebrate that way, but in a town that was devastated by a super typhoon a year ago, I think, it is just right to celebrate the said feast with more prayers than eating, and that’s what I witnessed at the 2010 Feast of Rosario, Pasig.


With their patron saint Our Lady of the Rosary, I got to witness the night procession which is led by one of their parish priest.

Santo Rosario De Pasig Parish where Our Lady of the Rosary houses is located at Ortigas Avenue Extension, Rosario, Pasig City.

Happy Fiesta!


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