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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Zest Air Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (Last Day)

What we thought would to be a sad and boring last day here in Kuala Lumpur turned out to be a super fun and truly memorable one - epic as what's the popular term now. How it won't be memorable, we were invited to cover and see for ourselves the billionaire Sir Richard Branson all dress in red skimpy AirAsia flight attendant outfit! Hahahaha! An international media fiasco for our last day here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Winner!!!

Since Zest Air and AirAsia are forming this strategic partnership in Manila, just before we took our Zest Air flight back to Manila, Philippines, we were asked to grace the press conference that is about to happen in one side of Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) of Kuala Lumpur. Despite of our kinda tourist looking outfit, which basically said nothing compare to the other media personalities who were there to cover the event, we didn't turned down the invitation for this might be the surprises awaiting for our last day. I mean, seriously, who are we to say no to this kind of frenzy? This is one surprise we would love to have!

After checking in our luggage, Team Kuala went around the airport first to spend our remaining ringgit to but some more "pasalubong", and just right after I'm done, the AirAsia team called out our attention to orient us on what will happen the moment AirAsia X Charity Flight touches the ground of LCCT. AirAsia Charity Flight X was the airplane that carries Billionaire Sir Richard, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes and a number of international media from Perth, Australia.

I've been covering events in Manila for quite some time now, so I'm kinda aware as to how this thing will go. And just as expected, the moment everyone saw the sexy looking cabin crew of AirAsia, in his blonde hair, mustache and beard, everyone went wild capturing that once-in-a-lifetime moment where you'll see a respectable and fine world's billionaire looking like that. Hahahaha!

In all fairness, I salute him because he was so game and sport about it. Well, all of this dressing up game is for charity, so why not, right? But actually, the reason why he wore something like this is mainly because he lose on a bet with Mr. Fernandes during the Formula One Race in Abu Dhabi back in 2010. Hehe.

Mr. Fernades was so happy to see Sir Richard looking like that, but he was happier to tell to everyone that the money of this whole flight will go to Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charitable institution back in Australia.

It was such an honor to be part of this whole activity, and it was such a delight to see these people in person. It's not common to a Filipino blogger like me to be a part of a gigantic news event like this - so, yeah, I'm Alex De Vera Dizon representing the 7,107 (high tide) islands of the Philippines! Hahaha!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Zest Air, for giving me this chance to see the world and to experience Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even tough I envy the place so much, the experience gave me the reason to be a responsible Filipino for I believe we can also have a beautiful city or country like the Malaysia.

Thank you too to AirAsia and Tourisn Malaysia for the support, as well as to Fleishman-Hillard Manila for having me on this maiden flight of Zest Air to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I can;t wait to go back in this lovely city, and I'm sure, I'll be picking Zest Air service again!

Terima kasih! Lihat anda tidak lama lagi!
Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. charlene is that you?! hehehe! Good thing may zest air flights to KL na :)


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