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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lechon Festival of the Lechon Capital of the Philippines

Where in the world could you find houses facing one another that sell the most delectable and crunchy roasted pork in the world, definitely only here in La Loma, Quezon City. And last weekend, as I drool over the amazing display of these crunchy creatures, I also had a wonderful watching the coolest parade of their kind in this annual Lechon Festival!

Its is known to many that La Loma, Quezon City is the Lechon Capital of the Philippines. With big names in the industry like Ping-Ping, Mila and Lydia all in one place, this is one heavenly place for those meat eaters who love their meals come with those crunchy pork skin, oil-sweating meat and hot rice!

And last weekend, together with my super friends, we were able to witness this cool and drooling festival again. With my camera on my hands and eyes on the prize - hundreds of lechons parading right in front of us, I captured each of them and make sure that anyone who will see this festival will be captivated and drool over this delicious beauties.

Lechon Festival takes place every third Sunday of May. While other towns are busy with their Santacruzan, here in La Loma, they are busy fitting their lechons into these outfits that would make any one glance back.

As you can see, this year's Lechon Festival is still a mix of local and international characters. Both fictional and real, these pigs will definitely go to pig heaven feeling all glamorous and strong. Hehehe.

It is said that after the parade, these lechons were given to the spectators who were drooling over them. Hahaha! as for us, since one of our friends now lives here, we had our own piece of Lechon Festival the homey way.

Just take note that wearing a Philippine flag-like dress is against the law.
Lechons are not exempted.

Happy fiesta, La Loma, Quezon City! Happy Lechon Festival!
Happy Rammmpa!


  1. this is definitely an interesting festival. very Filipino. hehe i am from quezon city and this slipped me. i dont such festival exists. hehe do they hold this every third week of may? and what day usually? hehe i should attend next year. haha free lechon! haha

    1. Hi, Mark! yep, they have this every third Sunday of May, every year! :)

  2. It's really more fun in the Philippines! sarap ng mga lechon!

  3. Oh my... i sure did miss out (drooool!!) yummy lechon!

  4. Will at Manila at May, did u know the date for this year event?


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