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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Zest Air Flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (Day 2)

As I've said on my previous blog, our day 2 here in Kuala Lumpur was packed with more adventures and fun all courtesy of our hosts Zest Air, AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia. So, by the time our clocks clicked to 8 in the morning, everyone from Team Kuala was having breakfast at the exquisite Big Apple Restaurant of Berjaya Times Square Hotel and savoring the delectable international cuisine fit for a king!

By 9 in the morning, the team, now with Tina Travels' Marie Tiu, our tour guide, was heading to one of Kuala Lumpur's most visited tourist site, and my dream tourist destination in this part of the world, the Batu Caves.

Located at the northern part of Kuala Lumpur, at approximately 20 minutes from our hotel, this limestone hill is housing one of the biggest statue of Lord Murugan, Hindu god of war and victory. Since I saw this place from my travel-blogger friends who have been to Kuala Lumpur before, I cannot take it off of my mind and from then I've been dreaming to see it. Lucky me!

According to our tour guide, reaching this place from our hotel via Kuala Lumpur's Mono Rail Transit (MRT) is so easy and would cost us less. But since Zest Air, AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia are treating us like kings and queens, we've reached this place via our own bus in less than 30 minutes - truly fascinating!

It is suggested to visit the temple early in the morning for climbing 272 steps to reach the caves is no joke! But if you are into climbing regardless of the weather, then go on, just make sure that you don't have any food or Coke in your hands because there are a lot of monkeys on the staircase that are stealing stuff from the tourists - SO BE AWARE! Hehehe. Other than that, it was a fun climb. I had fun, mainly because this is the reality of my Kuala Lumpur trip, and I'm mesmerized by how our Hindu brothers paying their respect to their gods - it was an experience worth remembering.

Right after this challenging visit, the group gathered at store number 10 where we had some refreshment.There are a lot of stores that sell souvenirs here, so, yes, take some souvenir as a remembrance of your challenging visit here in Batu Caves.

After some minutes of relaxation and sipping of coconut juice, Team Kuala was asked to go back to our bus for we have a long drive to catch - next destination, Malaysia's Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands of Resort World Genting is considered one of the most luxurious spot in the whole country. With casino , luxurious hotels and amusement parks, Resort World Genting gave us the impression that there are really more reasons to see Malaysia.

Filled with state-of-the-art facilities that suit for that most luxurious visit here in the land of adventure, reaching this place it quite tedious and costly, but I bet that you will not regret to see it because with a weather just like our Baguio City, Malaysians are considering it as the country's summer capital.

But before you finally reached the top of the Titiwangsa Mountains, where Resort World Genting is located, you must take the cable car first! A truly unique experience, this ride will cost you MR12 or something around Php150.00, two way. The ride will take at around 20- 30 minutes and there are "turbulence" time and some halt that will give you a time to appreciate the breathtaking view of the surroundings. This is my first cable car ride, and I really enjoyed it!

By the time we reached the peak, our guide was already there signalling us to follow her. There's a reservation for us in one of the posh restaurants here, so everyone was excitedly following our cool guide.

Coffee Terrace was our destination then, a restaurant that offers buffet lunch, I was really shocked to see how packed the whole place was and how wide the variety of cuisines offered here. I wasn't able to know the value of our buffet there but there were about six internationally favorite cuisines offered to ever guests. You can try everything and you can eat all you want.

The meal filled us really good, even the dessert section that left sweetness to our lips. I so love it! But of course, we can't just sit down there for the rest of the period, so after we felt that what we've munched were in the middle part of our body, our guide told us that we can see the indoor and outdoor amusement parks for us to enjoy the rest of the place.

Their most famous ride here was the Space Adventure, unfortunately it was all fully booked by the time we got there so most of us just loitered around, buy some more "pasalubong, went out to shop, while the others tried the other fun rides. How I wish we have longer time to stay here. The weather was spectacularly good and the surrounding was just amazing.

By 2:30 p.m., we are already inside the cable car again riding back to the parking space where we left our service bus. Our next destination is kinda strict about time, so we gotta hurry for this is the ultimate Kuala Lumpur adventure we shouldn't miss according to out guide, Miss Marie.

It took us an hour to reach the city, and by the time we got to Petronas Twin Towers, we were a little early, so we to took the opportunity to capture the twin towers beauty with the sun glistening upon it. IT WAS SPECTACULAR upfront! It's like looking at a very shinny and shimmery piece of jewelry that all you can do is to look dumb. Hahaha!

At 5:45 the whole Team Kuala of this amazing Zest Air-AirAsia fam tour were on their way to the Sky Bridge, the connecting bridge between the two stunning towers of Petronas - the hands of the lovers to some sweet couple. ^_*

It was such an amazing view up there. A complete 360 degree of the whole well-organized and well-planned City of Kuala Lumpur is a great background for some picture taking, but guides of Petronas told us to wait until we see what's in store for us on the 86th floor. So, after some minutes up there, we left the bridge and headed to lift that will take us to the 86th floor.

They said it was the Pinnacle Floor, for it gives a closer view of the pinnacle of the other tower. It was an experience worth remembering really. But if you are planning to go here, it will cost you a bit as well as you have to be at the Petronas at around 4 in the morning to get the tickets for there are only limited tickets each day.

We finished the tour for this day through another sumptuous meal somewhere near Jalan Alor, where one of the servers is a Filipina! Maliit lang talaga ang mundo. Hehe. She makes me feel proud, you know. :-)

After that dinner, everyone, decided to go back to Berjaya Times Square Hotel to call it a night. But at around 10 in the evening, out of nowhere, we all decided to go out again to see Petronas Twin Towers again with its lights on! Hahaha! It's our last night here, so might as well enjoy it to the max! Hehehe!

But guess what, instead of taking a cab or a private vehicle, we took Kuala Lumpur's Mono Rail Transit by ourselves this time. And despite of some wrong decisions, we made it to the site again with all smile while looking at the twinkling beauty of the tallest twin towers in the world.

Oh, I love you, Kuala Lumpur! I wish to visit you again and to see more of you and taste more of your delicious, delicious food! 

Our third and last day in Kuala Lumpur was mostly spent in the airport, but stay tune, because it was here where we had a chance to be a part of the international press. Hahahaha! Exciting! super exciting!

Thank you again, Zest Air, AirAsia and Tourism Malaysia for this wonderful and lovely chance of going out of the country and experiencing the majestic city of Kuala Lumpur!

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. glad you enjoyed your first-KL trip (first out of the country din ba? malaysia agad!!!)

    happier to know that you've been dreaming to go batu caves and it came true, lucky you! (pag ikaw ang nagsulat, sounds like instant noodle i like!) hehehe! balik kayo, penang naman! hanggang nandito kami, sana kitakits :)

    1. Naku Doc, Penang, Georgetown, definitely the next Malaysian destinations I'm targeting! :-) Thanks for the tips again!!

  2. dream ko din yung batu caves! ang saya! tara nang libutin ang iba pang parte ng Malaysia! #TaraNaSaMalaysiaTrulyAsia

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