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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alta Vista de Boracay: A Different Boracay Experience that I Love

When I plan to see Boracay, all I'm wishing to do is to enjoy the white sand and watch the hot bodies passing on it. But when I had the chance to check-in and stay in one of the most sophisticated and high-lander hotels in this paradise-like island, my idea of Boracay escapade changes and levels up - it's more fun to stay up in the mountain of Alta Vista de Boracay!

I've been hearing a lot about Alta Vista de Boracay since the first time I visited the beautiful island of Boracay, but I honestly didn't spend so much thought of it for I know that by the sound of its name, I will never have a chance to experience the place - primarily because I know that I cannot afford it. But heaven opens its doors and an angel granted me a chance to enjoy the amazing and truly breathtaking accommodation of Alta Vista de Boracay! Thank you, angel! ^_^

Just like what they say on their brochure "Find your worry-free escape", Alta Vista de Boracay of DMCI Homes made my summer escapade in this world-class island so memorable that I myself cannot believe until now that it happened. From the pick-up point to the last minute I bid goodbye to the beautiful island of Boracay, Alta Vista made sure that every money spend here were well-spent and enjoyed.

Upon entering the vicinity of Alta Vista de Boracay, you'll be mesmerized as to how so modern yet so nature-ish everything is. From the architectural design that were made to give that sight you'll never forget about Boracay to the staff who never fail to put a smile on their faces every time you bump into them, Alta Vista de Boracay is definitely a must-experince residential hotel here in Boracay Island, Philippines.

The rooms here in Alta Vista de Boracay are also an experience within experience. With two types to choose from - Loft and Deluxe Room - family, friends or even lovers will find peace, serenity and love in their well equipped and simply homey rooms.

All of their rooms have air conditioning units, balcony or terrace, cable television, coffee or tea maker, two queen-sized beds, hairdryer, minibar, private toilet and bath, refrigerator, safe and telephone.

But what really swept me off my feet when I finally had the chance to see the whole lot was their astonishing facilities that just made me say WOW! There's simply something for everybody!

From the audio-visual room which is perfect for some videoke nights, function room if in case you wanna celebrate some important family gatherings or team building, convention center for those companies who wanna treat their employees to a different kind of summer, bar and restaurant for some wonderful meals and drinks, spa for added relaxation, the infinity pool and viewing deck, which is ready to give a breathtaking and truly remarkable view of Boracay mountains, and lastly, free Wi-Fi access to keep you connected just in case you need to, Alta Vista de Boracay is simply the LOVE! I love it!!!

Alta Vista de Boracay also offers free transfers to D Mall and the ever lovely Puka Beach just to make sure that you wouldn't be missing anything from your great Boracay escapade. But if you want some night of relaxation, oh, the view and the silence of the place during the nights were something that will put you at ease and simply let you forget about the world. With starry skies and pleasant air blowing around you, partying along the beach is definitely nothing to this experience.

If you'll ask me if Alta Vista de Boracay is worth a try, DEFINITELY! I highly recommend this place to those who are looking for a different Boracay experience and to those who just wanna find a peaceful sanctuary on top of the best service and accommodation. And if you'll ask me if I'm willing to have this experience all over again, I WOULD and I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT WITH MY FAMILY THIS TIME!

If you need more information about this place or I've convinced you too much and wanna book now, you can visit their website at or you can follow them on their Facebook Page

Thank you, Alta Vista de Boracay, for this memorable experience! It was indeed a worry-free escape on the beautiful island of Boracay! Til next time, I hope!

Happy summer and happy Rammmpa, everyone!


  1. We, too, like it there at Alta Vista Boracay. It's secluded and away from the maddening crowd at the White Beach.

  2. I love the view! so beautiful….! oh wait, you mean the beach? yes the beach is nice indeed .... Pega Training in Chennai


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