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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Zipline Experience at Residence Inn Tagaytay!

Remember the blog that I posted last January? The one that talks about my visit to Residence Inn - Tagaytay with Nickaella? In that post I said that the next time I'll visit Residence Inn - Tagaytay, I'll be brave enough to face my fear and try their latest attraction, which is the zipline.

Guess what! I tried it and I've made it! Wee!

Last March 12 after we visited Paradizoo for its 1st AgriFest, we stopped by at Residence Inn Tagaytay to see the cute Taal Volcano and enjoy the cool breeze up there.

And lucky us, we were given some free treats during our short stay there - free entrance, free tour, free magic show and free trial of their zipline! Wee!

Since it'll be my first time to try this, I planned to record it and I was actually panning to make this as my entry to the Samsung Galaxy Tab contest. I think this ride is crazy considering it as my first time to try zipline. ^_^

But as I viewed other entries, I decided I'm still a normal person who just love trying extreme rides. Hahaha! So, nah, I'm just keeping this video here in my blog. LOL.

Anyways, I'd say that I got to enjoy this new exciting feature here in Residence Inn - Tagaytay and I would love to go back here again to try it one more time - may it be hanging upside down. Hahahaha!

After that success, I treated myself with some Halo-Halo. I really think that this success deserves some celebration. Hahaha!

And probably next time, I'll have Ikay try Zipline, too. That is if the operators allow her. Hehehe. Believe me, she really, really wanna try it! *i dunno what's with kids nowadays. hehehe*

Thank you to the staff and teams of Zoomanity Group and Residence Inn - Tagaytay. Spending an afternoon at  you lovely places was so fun and exciting as always! Til next time!

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. I love ziplines Alex! inggit ako ;p

  2. woohoo... have tried it, nag take 2 pa =)


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