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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Taal Lake Yacht Club Experience

A 20-minute ride from Tagaytay City and I found myself in a place that I would love to visit all over again. This was my first time to be here, and to be honest, I didn't expect that such place exist. The inviting whisper of the wind, the exciting sway of Taal Lake's water and the very attractive view of Taal Volcano, for me, Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) is a must-visit place here in our country!

Located at Talisay, Batangas, TLYC perfect for water adventures like sailing, hobie racing, wind surfing, rowing and kayaking, this place also offers hiking or nature trails at Taal Volcano at a very reasonable price that you will enjoy.

All along, I thought that the "sailing" that we would have that afternoon has something to do with a white yacht, a dock, a champagne and great music.... BUT I WAS ALL WRONG!

The moment we stepped on the shore, a bigger smile was plastered on my face as two prepped up sailboats were waiting for us, one that is good for four people and another one good for five people.

According to our "Kuyas", if we are up for some thrill, we should have the one that is good for four, but if we are afraid, then, we should hop on to the one that's good for five.

That would my first time to ride a sailboat, a machine-less boat with nothing but our assistant to drive the sail, and so I'm like, OMG! 

But the thrill-seeker in me kicked in, and without any worries, I hopped onto the sailboat that's good for four and off we go to the wide spread of Taal Lake.

I noticed, that the our sailboat is a little smaller and didn't have a beam on both side unlike the one that's good for five. ^_^

According to our "kuya" who assisted us in this sailing experience, TLYC's sailboats are for rent and their sailboats rental are ranging from Php2,500 to Php3,800 for one whole day, excluding of an assistant. Each sailboat assistant will cost you Php250.00 per hour.

We were advised not to bring any gadgets because it might get wet. And that day, the current of the water at Taal Lake was a little aggressive. That's why in just 5 minutes we were like 50 yards away from the shore of TLYC. Super fun!

Since, my first trip here at Taal Lake Yacht Club was an all-expense-paid, we took the advantage and enjoyed the wind and water to the max. Hehehe.

After some minutes, our "kuyas" got tired, so decided to end this fun adventure. We gave thanks, bid goodbye and promised to return very soon.

It was very fun and fulfilling experience, really! I never thought that riding the waves with nothing but your skills can bring so much fun. Indeed, old school stuff still rocks!

Anton del Rosario of Azklas was there too!

I love you, Taal Lake Yacht Club! You rock!
Til next time!

Photo credits - Sir Jim and Master Jeman. Thanks!
Thanks too to Aboitiz Power, Alter Space and Chris Cahilig Consultancy! ^_^

Happy Rammmpa!


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