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Monday, April 25, 2011

Via Crucis: 14 Churches of Manila

I've been doing this Visita Iglesia thing or Via Crucis since I was in the 4th grade. It opened my eyes to the wonderful story of sacrifices made by Jesus, as well as it opened my eyes to the amazingly made churches here in the Manila.

And now, let me share to you my journey as I complete the 14 stations of the cross of Jesus Christ with these 14 amazing churches of Manila City.

First Station - St. Joseph the Worker Parish

This is our community parish, so visiting this place is like visiting me because it is just a stone-throw away from our place. Hehehe. Our patron saint here is Joseph the Worker and we celebrate our feast every May 1st, which is the Labor Day.

Second Station - St. Joseph de Gagalangin Parish

Carrying the same name like our community parish, these two neighboring churches usually confuses visitors. And since I live here, let me tell you how to easily find and distinguish one St. Joseph's church from the other.

St. Joseph the Worker Parish has this white color, while the St. Joseph de Gagalangin has this green color ever since. St. Joseph Gagalangin has a primary and secondary school too, which carry the same name - St. Joseph. And I personally think that St. Joseph Gagalangin is more grandeur than St. Joseph the Worker Parish, so you'll surely see the difference. But despite of the obvious differences, one should keep in mind that these churches were both made to give praise to the man who made Jesus Christ's journey more possible.

Third Station - Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish

Celebrating its town feast every third Sunday of January in celebration of the coming of Sto. Niño in the Philippines, Sto. Niño de Tondo Parish is one of the busiest churches here in Manila.  With devotees coming from different parts of Metro Manila, be ready to be inspired by the rich life of Tondo as well as the astonishing architecture of this church, which I think is still under rehabilitation.

Fourth Station - Minor Basilica of San Lorenzo Ruiz

One of the oldest churches in Manila, when you visit Chinatown, make sure that you'd pay a visit to the first Filipino saint's minor basilica and see how the history marked on its walls. 

Maybe you are wondering why the minor basilica of San Lorenzo is here in Manila's Chinatown, well, that is because San Lorenzo's father is a Chinese and her mother is a Filipina. Both were Catholic.

Fifth Station - Sta. Cruz Church

On the other end of Ongpin Street, you'll find one of the landmarks of Manila City that is hard to miss, the Sta. Cruz Church. Though, this place doesn't houses a well-known saint, Sta. Cruz is a familiar place to locals since trades and other businesses during the old days were usually done here.

Sixth Station - Sta. Ana Church

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church or commonly known as the Sta. Ana Church is located at the far end district of Manila - Sta. Ana. I had my first-ever visit at this place last Maundy Thursday, and I'd say that I was amazed by how old this church is. The polished interior is really worth the visit, giving me a glimpse of some of the treasures the Spaniards left to us.

Seventh Church - San Fernando de Dilao Church

One of the churches in Paco District, San Fernando de Dilao went to a tremendous history that proved how people from Paco are very dedicated to their religion. When I got to visit this church for the first time last Maundy Thursday too, I noticed that the interior as well as the exterior were all brand new. It gave me a feeling that everything was all new. Well, of course, it took me a tour to really notice how this church evolves and stay grounded all those times.

Eighth Church - San Augustin Church

Considered as the oldest church in the Philippines, San Augustin Church was made more popular when the government named it as a National Historical Landmark. And as treat to all parishioners and visitors last holy week, they shared the replica of the Shroud of Turin.

 Ninth Station - Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica

Home to the archbishop of Manila, Manila Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica or Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception or Manila Cathedral is the center of Catholicism here in the Manila. This church is dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary

Tenth Station - Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene

Famous for its Black Nazarene, the feast of this church is the most celebrated patron-saint feast here in Manila City. With devotees coming from different parts of the Philippines, Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene or Quiapo Church holds the title of the busiest church here in Manila City. Try visiting this place on a Friday, and you'll know how busy and packed this church is.

Eleventh Church - Michael the Archangel Parish

One of my most favorite churches here in Manila City, this church is dedicated to the holy archangels. Michael the Archangel Parish is located just within the vicinity of Malacanang Place, so it'll be easy for you to visit it. 

I have this liking towards angels ever since, that's why when I got to visit this church for the first time, I took note and remembered the names of the seven archangels who are guarding the Kingdom of Heaven. And since my Ermats gave birth to me on a Thursday, my guardian angel is Archangel Sealtiel. ^_^ I'm seriously suggesting to you to visit this church here in Quiapo District.

Twelfth Station - St. Jude Thaddeus Church

Believed to be miraculous in answering one's prayer, St. Jude Thaddeus Church is mostly visited by those who are seeking miracles and answers to those unanswerable questions. And seeking miracles are usually asked through Novena. So, if you plan to visit this church to seek some wonders, go here on a Wednesday and pray along with the other devotees.

Thirteenth Station - Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat

If you wanna see magnificent, wowing and heavenly murals, Abbey of Our Lady Montserrat in Mendiola, Manila  is the place to be. Dedicated to the Sto. Niño de Praga, this church is also under the administration of San Bed College, which are both under the supervisions of Benedictine priests.

Fourteenth Station - Basilica of San Sebastian

Another National Historical Landmark, this church is mostly acknowledge for its astonishing architectural features. The Victorian Gothic design of this church is not the only thing to wow on about this Manila church because this church is also the only all-steel church in Asia making it a great tourist attraction in the whole world.

I spent seven hours in this journey. I know I didn't sacrifice that much but I hope that with this blog, I'll be able to open your minds about Via Crucis or Station of the Cross and I hope too that I'll somehow captivate your tastes on architecture and history through these churches that I've been to here in Manila City.

Happy Easter!


  1. funny, i didn't know that our local Minor Basilica has a twin church just near the Malacañang Palace hahaha

  2. I love the aisle of the St. Joseph de Gagalangin Parish--ang haba! Sarap maglakad dyan habang may naghihintay na groom sa may altar ♥ Hehehe! Nangarap na naman ako nang gising :)

    Ang cool ng mga churches sa inyo, Lex! Nainspire tuloy ako magVisita Iglesia kahit tapos na ang Holy Week.

  3. @Arben, ang ganda ng simbahan nyo!!! Punta tayo dyan!!!

    @Nicely: Maganda din sa San Sebastian...

  4. wow, nakompleto mo! kami walo lang parati. two stations per church then yung final prayer, sa Quiapo Church (8th church) na.agree, Visita Iglesia never fails to remind me about the sacrifices of Jesus and how as a person, I should try harder to make my own sacrifices in this world, too. :)

  5. I have not been to the Abbey in San Beda. I should pay a visit . Ganda.

  6. oops. you missed the old churches of Malate and Ermita. nice post btw :)

  7. @Batang Lakwatsero, Malate and Ermita churches kase eh part ng last year's Via Crucis ko na, kaya iniba ko naman this year. ^_^ Thanke for droppin by!

  8. @lifeisacelebration, katabi lang siya ng San Beda, check it out! Ganda ng murals dun!

  9. I admire your efforts in visiting the Manila churches. It's more than a proof of our reputation as the only Christian nation in the Far East. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Thanks, Islandvacations! It is like a "panata" to me every Maundy Thursday to do Via Crucis since I was in Grade 4. ^_^


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