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Monday, May 2, 2011

Manila's Sandbar

If you think you've seen the best of Manila, well, wait til you see Manila's new pride - The Sandbar.

A place that will give you an easy-breezy feel, Sandbar Seafood and Grill is a new hangout place here in Manila located at the entrance of Manila Ocean Park. It is the sister gimmick place of Liquid Pool and Lounge, which is currently a hot spot in this area for special occasions, company events or just weekend stress-free day with the whole family.

Upon entering the premises of this place, you'll be surprised that it is not your ordinary hangout place. The beach feel will welcome you with the small man-made pond in the center and will definitely give you a good impression.

Perfect to visit at night, this place is composed of cabanas or tents where you, your friends and family can enjoy their grilled dishes. With its uber cozy and lovely lighting, I'm sure you'll love this place just the way I loved it.

Though, of course nothing is too perfect and I believe that there are places that still need to adjust or need some room for adjustments, and since I think this place has  great potential to be the "coolest place" in Manila, I think adding some reggae music or reggae live band for the guests to enjoy the whole atmosphere will be a great treat.

Also, since this place is or has a connecting path to Liquid Pool and Lounge, when there's an event at that part, you'll be distracted by the noise that they'll be producing. Adding up the slow service or probably under manpower of this place and the not-so-yummy dishes, your dream of a peaceful evening may turn out to be a nasty one, which I hope not! ^_^

Other than that, I think, this place will be really cool someday. I've been to Panglao Island of Bohol, and I can honestly say that my one-hour stay at this place really reminded me of that lovely place down south.

Happy Rammmpa and hope that we'll bump into each other there soon! ^_^


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