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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Night before Pahiyas....

It is so nice to see beautiful things - wonderful, colorful and unbelievable stuff that were created out mere imagination. But what excites me more in seeing these beautiful things are the time they are being made right in front of my eyes. And that's what I experienced the night before the Pahiyas Festival.

Since I learned about kiping, I can't help but to dream to be in Lucban, Quezon to witness its very delightful and colorful Pahiyas Festival. Thank God that I have friends like Abe, Cathie, Flow and Ohmski who tagged me along to see this year's Pahiyas.

After an almost 5-hour drive from Manila, we reached Lucban at around 6 o'clock in the evening. The traffic that we are expecting welcomed us as we reached the town center. There were a lot of people walking and enjoying the bazaars that were put up right in the middle of the streets.

Lucban Bethel Temple was our host for this trip, I am personally thanking them from the bottom of my heart for being a good and warm host to us. And even though, we have different religious beliefs, they were so nice and caring to all of us. ^_^ So, really, thank you so much!

As soon as we finished our delicious dinner courtesy of Pastora and after taking some rest time, we hurried to see the houses that were being adorned for the festivity. 

Excitement starts to crawl in me as soon as I saw one house being decorated. The fun continues as we reached the streets that were part of the procession for tomorrow's festivity. 

I think there were about a thousand or less houses that we saw as we stroll on the streets of Lucban. It took us like 3 hours walking and taking pictures of each house as we pass through. There were some who allowed us to go inside their humble houses to see the stuff that they'll use for decorations. Mostly, fruits and vegetables were being used, but of course nothing beats the colorful and amazingly adorned kipings and the replicas of San Isidro - Lucban's patron saint.

How I wish I could take one of those hanging kipings because I really like them! Hehehe.

We also had a chance to have a taste of the famous Pansit Hab-Hab, and I tell you, this is a must-try when you visit Lucban because it was so delicious!

And so, after we tired ourselves out, we headed to the Lucban Church where more things are happening...

We went back to our place at around midnight with a big smile on our faces and some goodies which we brought back to Manila as pasalubongs.

And oh, yeah, we also saw 90.7 Love Radio's DJ Chris Tsuper, who I believe is from Lucabn, Quenzon. ^_^

The following day is the Pahiyas Festival Day! ^_^

Thank you, Lucban!


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