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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day Before Tsinelas Festival

Before heading to Lucban, Quezon, part of our itinerary before seeing the colorful Pahiyas Festival was to drop by first at the Tsinelas Capital of Laguna - Liliw.

It was Tita Marissa's idea (our companion, Abe's aunt) to dropped by here, and of course, since I love to travel, I don't mind stopping by here. It was my first time to see this place and I barely know anything about it, except maybe that they sell good quality and very affordable slippers. Hehe.

It took us some 3-hour drive from Alabang to reach this place, and to be honest, with its mountain view backdrop and eye-catching Liliw Church, I know you'll fall in love to Liliw just like the way I fell in love with it.

Tsinelas Festival is celebrated in memory of their patron saint San Isidro, who is also the patron saint of Lucban, Quezon. And during the festival day, parade and beauty contest were held taking pride of their main product, the tsinelas.

But since, we were there a day before the festivity, we didn't see any of that, BUT we got some great bargains at their tsinelas and other products. ^_^

I got a chance to look at every store and take some pictures of their goods. I love how summer-y and really affordable they were!

I also got a chance to check out some of their local delicacies and freshly harvested fruits and vegetables which were all mouth-watering.

And since espadrille is so in, I got myself a souvenir from Liliw! I bought my very first espadrille from them, and it's red! Wee!

Red Espadrille - Php270.00

After some window shopping and tummy-filling adventures, I visited their majestic church - the Church of Lilio.

The church was so outstanding - really lovely and architecturally amazing! I love how the church was built in red blocks and how it maintains its beauty despite of all the calamities it had been through.

And because of this, I highly recommend to you guys to take a trip down to Laguna and have a see of this lovely place called Liliw.

Happy Tsinelas Festival!


  1. i want red shoes!

  2. I've heard of Liliw and their tsinelas before. Very affordable nga daw ang mga tsinelas at talagang pulido ang gawa. I hope to visit the place soon. :)

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  4. The huge tsinelas looks cute! I have never been to such festivity in my entire life. Inggit ako! Hehe.

    Glich's Life

  5. Na miss ko Liliw. Favorite ko yung suman sa picture.


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