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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Pahiyas Festival 2011

One of my lifelong dreams is to visit Lucabn, Quezon and witness its' very colorful and vibrant Pahiyas Festival. Thanks to my blogger-friends Abe, Cathie, Flow and Ohmski for tagging me along to enjoy an overnight stay at this small but very happy city.

Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every 15th of May to give thanks to their patron saint San Isidro. And that week I and my friends drove down there to fee, see and taste this wonderful festivity.

One attraction that drives tourists to visit this place is the colorful and very creative decorations that houses in Lucban put up to share to their blessings that they received and about to receive from San Isidro.

I really had a wonderful experience here, really. It was like the Panagbengga Festival of Baguio City, only here they used kiping as their decorations instead of flowers. Some houses also used fresh vegetables and fruits, and then there are some who used abaca and rice grains. Really unbelievable but very, very beautiful.

So to cut short all the anticipations, here are my pictures that I would love to share to all of you.

Along the streets were delicious Lucban delicacies were to find. We tried some of them, and I'd be sharing my verdict on those dishes on my food blog.

Oh, despite of the jam-packed streets, which are mostly field of the tiangge that's ongoing, the traffic and the summer heat, I would love to see this festival again and take home again their truly wonderful and affordable food and stuff!

Special thanks to Lucban Bethel Temple, despite of our religious differences, the really, really take good care of us and gladly shared to us the blessings that the God has given to them! Thank to Pastora Glo and Tita Marissa! Til next time! ^_^

I'd be sharing more of this great adventure here on this blog, so stay tune! ^_^

Happy fiesta!


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