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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay

The oasis, the heaven, the paradise, the place for all of us...

If you ask me how to describe Nurture Spa Village, I guess, those words above would somehow fit in. Or I hope I'm giving a fair description to this place here.

Last weekend, I had a very wonderful stay here in Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, but just like any other spa housing here in the country, I'm not expecting much. I mean, it's just a "spa". 

But everything changes from the moment I stepped in to their receiving area. It was like the feel I had when I visited Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort in Cebu some few years ago, so refreshing... So nature! I just love it!

The price may be too pricey to some, one thing I can assure, everything is all worthy!

The lush green scenery - amazing landscape with a mini pool that will relax your mind, body and soul - that was just lovely.

Scattered all over this oasis were native hangout places, where you can just sit and listen to the friendly whisper of the wind. 

There were also a lot of stunningly colorful flowers that give life to the surroundings.

Then each corner of this piece of heaven in Tagaytay has their own specialty that will fill in your needs - one remarkable idea.

If you are up for some nature time, with some five-star accommodation, well, I guess this is the place that I would certainly recommend.

The villa that we had was "Runong". Later did I learn that the rest of the villas carry Filipino adjectives like "Ganda", "Payapa", "Pag-ibig" and many more - an idea that gives importance to our wonderful culture.

The room was fairly okay, dressed in this local furniture that put me at ease. They don't have cable channels, which is good because you will certainly spend most of your time outside - in the garden.

I believe that once you booked a stay here, you are entitled to have a free 30-minute massage. I had the head and shoulder massage at 8 o'clock in the evening, under one of those hangout huts in the garden while enjoying the cool air of Tagaytay - one the experiences I had here that I really enjoyed.

As for the food, oh, you should be ready to get your tummy filed with their healthy dishes - every dish is an absolute feast! (read my food review on

And lastly, one thing that that I will never forget about this place, the awesome treatment I received from all of their that I encountered - as I said, just like I checked-in in a five-star hotel - all pleasantly nice and great.

I can't wait to go back here and probably spend another day or two of my life here. I would to bring my friends, family and even officemates here, just a simple escape from the crazy world of work.

And, oh, Nurture Spa Village was one of CNN GO Asia's top spa place in Asia.  ^_^

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. I will include this in my to-visit places this year. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

  2. I need to go there! As in now! Such a lovely and relaxing place..haaaay. :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by, guys! ^_^

  4. Sana one day I can go there, then I'll treat my family.

    "One of CNN GO Asia's top spa": --> Dapat lang na mapabilang, kasi it's a one stop SPAnctuary .^_^.


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