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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gossip Girls Goes Gaga Over F1 Fever at Il Ponticello

This was the best bar for me! The crowd is so young and the music is so fun, anybody who would want to feel young and be part of the Gossip Girl generation must certainly pay a Saturday night visit at Il Ponticello.

As the new and young racers all geared up for the 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, all the Gossip Girl generation guys and gals dressed up and ready to party all night long as Il Ponticello prepared an outstanding and super fun Rev and Rave Party!

OMG, I just really love how my Saturday night ended. Ooops, I think it was already Sunday when I left Il Ponticello!. Hihihi.

The crowded small place of Il Ponticello was filled with great music from their house DJ as everyone enjoyed their food and booze all set for the with world's most awaited car-racing event.

If there's one place that I think Singapore would love to have, or maybe they already have this kind of place, that would be Il Ponticello. Everyone was all game to shake it up and sway to the music giving everyone a night of partying so friendly and so fun.

And if there's one thing that I would love to experience when I visit Singapore for the upcoming 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix, that would be a party just like what I had at Il Ponticello.

With all these great crowd, good food, funky music, I can't help but to get excited and really, really want to see the 2010 Formula OneTM Singtel Singapore Grand Prix and experience all the crazy concerts and exciting parties that await to all the attendees.

I can't help but to say "Goodbye, Manila, Hello, Singapore!"

Truly, Singapore is one of places I would to stay all-night just to party!

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I hope I could see you soon, Singapore!
XOXO! Hahahahahahahahaha!


  1. Makes me wanna party in Singapore as well!

  2. Awesome! Speed up the party fever!!! =)


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