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Saturday, August 28, 2010

F1 Fever is on at Dolce Super Club

As I geared up and ready myself to the world’s most awaited race of the year – 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (GPSS), which will happen in the Lion City this coming September -  here in Manila, F1 aficionados are so lucky to get the first taste of this racing event through the Rev and Rave Party in Dolce Super Club!

I was so lucky to be free on a Friday night to bar hop and enjoy the wonderful treat to all F1 aficionados and “gimikeros” and “gimikeras”.

With the music that you can’t resist but to shake you bootilicious, it was one super duper over mega great night that we will never forget.

The temperature on the dance floor gets hotter and hotter with every stunningly amazing remixes shared to us by their house DJ. And with the amazing dance of the lights, everybody just keeps shaking their hips, raising their hands and banging their heads like there’ll be no tomorrow.

And since, Dolce is kinda small compared to the other clubs, everyone got intimate and acquainted as all twisted and turned with the funkiest and hottest music.

Truly, it was one hell of a night that was filled with high intensity music and great crowd that we all enjoyed.

And since, it was a night for the F1 Fever, Dolce offered something delish for all cocktail lovers! And I’m one of them! Whoopee!

F1 Fuel

This concoction is named F1 Fuel. This will fuel you up to stay all night and dance to the hottest music and beat.

From night til dawn, F1 fans and all the clubbers revved up and raved as we all get ready for the F1 Fever in Singapore! Wee!

I wish I can be in Singapore to feel the real deal of 2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix (GPSS)! Heheh!

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See you there! :-P

Dolce Super Club
Tomas, Morato Quezon City


  1. wow! i would love to try that f1 fuel! nice place! :)

  2. i sure need that fuel. F1 fuel. Will try to drop by Dolce soon... Thanks! :)


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