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Monday, December 8, 2014

Something Old and Something New at Nurture Wellness Village, Tagaytay

It has been two years since I last visited this place but it feels like it was just yesterday. The well-kept lawn, the heart-warming ambiance and the delectable dishes that never fail to hit my cravings, Nurture Wellness Village (or Nurture Spa, to some) in Tagaytay City is indeed a must-experience place for local and foreign tourist.

A few days back, I had a chance to revisit one of my favorite places in Tagaytay City, the Nurture Wellness Village. An invitation to this place is really hard to resist, so without further ado, even for just a day, I packed my bags and went down south to feel the alluring weather and love of this must-experience tourist destination.

Just like before, Nurture Wellness Village welcomed us in a traditional Filipino way. Serving some of their freshest and most organic hors d'oeuvres, guests immediate felt the festive and enjoyable day awaiting for us.

Tuna, Kaldereta and White Cheese with Basil served with Malunggay Bread 
and specially concocted drink made of blueberry 

 A room for everyone

This year, Nurture Wellness Village highlighted the expansion of their rooms and amenities that luxurious and backpacking guests can enjoy. All come with reasonable prices, the packages that they prepared for these accommodations are perfect for solo travelers, couples and even families. If you think that Nurture Wellness Village is a bit pricey for you? Well, see here how they value your hard-earned money.

Deluxe Forest View Room

Family Room

Standard Garden View Room

A magnificent and relaxing stay is waiting for you here as each room is equipped with television with DVD players, DVD and book library and some relaxing items that would complete your vacation. And despite of the cool weather, air conditioning systems were also installed to give guests more options to choose from and more reasons to enjoy their stay may they be in their rooms or outside the garden.

Patintero, Swimming Pool,
Lakad Kalinga and Outdoor Gazeebo

For those who are coming in with kids, child-friendly amenities were also prepared to give them areas to play around and have fun. It is best to be on your children's side all the time to experience that perfect family bonding that you've been wanting to have. May you be at the playground or swimming pool, there's so many thing to love about this place that will make you feet at ease and positive.

Aside from those types of rooms, Nurture Wellness Village is also ready to welcome adventure-seeking individuals and groups who love outdoors through their glamorous camping accommodation, now commonly known as "glamping."

Glamping Tent

Nurture Wellness Village's Glamping is located at the Sabila Campsite and available to individuals and groups of 6-8 persons. Each tent has comfortable mattresses, pillows and blankets - same as what they have in their rooms. A campsite toilet and bath with hot and cold shower is also prepped up for men and women. Then, there's a Dap'ay, a circular arrangement of stones where guests can gather around a bonfire - a perfect night activity that is surely memorable and fun. 

And for more glamorous experience, a camp butler is also made available to assist you or your group is setting up your bonfire.

Dap'ay and Dining area

 Organically relaxing
One's visit here at Nurture Wellness Village wouldn't be complete without experiencing its internationally renowned spa offerings. Take note, these spa offerings are no ordinary massages, because here at Nurture Wellness Village, they take pride on their organic and natural way of cleansing and pampering.

Bundle your ideal spa choice to your room, but if you are just on a day trip like me, Nurture Wellness Village has something to share that you wouldn't just enjoy but would also cherish. I bet you wanna try their "Sinaunang Lunas" - an ancient Filipino healing tradition that has been tried and tested through time. 

Dagdagy Foot Massage


Lunas ni Nanay

Hilot Kagalingan

Dagday Foot Massage is an authentic Filipino tribal foot massage using herbal clay to cleanse and purify the feet. Through the use of bamboo sticks, this type of massage helps stimulate the soles, which is perfect for blood circulation. And capping off the treatment, a soothing leg and foot massage were done to relax the muscle and ease the tension.

Nilaib is an hour-and-half body massage that makes use of steamed pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves. This type of massage helps remove body aches, while leaving your skin rested and rejuvenated through the natural essences of the banana leaves.

The Lunas ni Nanay is Nurture Wellness Village's version of ventosa - an ancient way of combing vacuum techniques and massage to promote balance and remove toxins from the body.

And the last but not the least, the Hilot Kagalingan, a one-hour massage with the use of banana leaves, special herbs and coconut oil. This type of massage helps detect the source of physical imbalance and brings back the body health that you deserve.

 Developing with the community

And through its continous effort to develop their services and properties, Nurture Wellness Village recently opened Gabriela, a garden-slash-farm area that offers Nurture's freshest and organic produce and meals to their growing patrons.


Mrs. Cathy Brilliantes-Turvill personally led the opening of the latest addition to the expanding property of Nurture Wellness Village, and as she mentioned, this just another way of sharing the best of the place and to help the community surrounding the area nourish and have a sustainable source of living.

"It is Nurture Wellness Village's dream to have a sustainable community, and with the opening of this new spot here at the lovely and inspiring Nurture garden, I'm just so delighted to share to everyone our best produce and warm accommodation," she shares.

All of the guests that day were treated to a morning of Filipino festivity as Nurture Wellness Village shared their most talented staff dancing and preparing delectable organic dishes to everyone who joined this momentous event.

For those who loves delicious and filling breakfast, guests can now enjoy these amazing breakfast buffet at very affordable price. If you have some balikbayan relatives, this is a great way to welcome them back as most of the dishes offered on this buffet spread are Filipino favorites.

Arroz Caldo, a plateful of Pinoy kakanin, 
Tsokolate and Tawilis

Indulge in their really delicious arroz caldo, Pinoy's kakanin and the homemade delicacies and drinks. Must-try are the arroz caldo, tsokolate de batirol,  puto and biko, and their tawilis! Yum!


Aside from dining in, guest can also enjoy harvesting fresh herbs and vegetables from the small garden located at the far end of Gabriela. If you love fresh salad, this is a great spot for you to try their very own produce and dressings that are 100% organic.

If you don't want to eat them up, another option is to blend it with other fruits to come up with some healthy and cleansing drink that you will surely love!

Nurture Wellness Village has its in-house dietitian that can help you with your diet, and yep, we've met them during the opening of Gabriela! Isn't that nice?

That old feeling when ignited brings back a lot of memories - wonderful memories - that will make you wish to turn back time. But in this case, since I was invited to feel the love of Nurture Wellness Village again - with the addition of a lot of wonderful new things - that something old and something new about this place are meant to cherished again and again as it continuous to grow.

To book a room, you can contact Nurture Wellness Village at +632-401-9030, +632-710-9786, +6346-512-627, +63917-687-8873 or +63918-888-8772. Nurture Wellness Village is located at Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West, Cavite, Tagaytay. They are also on Facebook, and you can visit their page at

Thank you, Nurture Wellness Village! Congratulations to the continuous success! Happy Rammmpa!


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