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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NUVALI Welcomes 2013 with Light Up!

Another year has ended, and just like the the previous years, we should keep positivism on our side and keep hoping that the coming year will be as prosperous and as positive as we want it. And here in NUVALI, the thriving city in the heart of Laguna, they welcomed the promising 2013 with high hopes and brighter perspective through the first  Light Up - A Sky Lantern Parade!

I was one of the lucky 400 online people who got to receive a free lantern for this festival, and with the 399 remaining people, the Evoliving Center, which was the venue of the said event, was flocked by more almost a thousand of people who wish to see this amazing display of lanterns light and fill the air with wonderful wishes.

These lanterns have been a symbol of hopes and wishes to other Asian countries. They've been the sender of wishes of many of our Asian fellows, and as they make popularity here in our country, NUVALI promises not only fun lighting up but also a safe one for those who wish to have their dreams come true.

It is advised by the authorities to have these sky lanterns lit up in areas where there are wide spaces and far from any residential area, hence NUVALI is the perfect place to have this kind of activity.

The event was actually a whole day affair with some fun activities in the morning til the afternoon And these activities involved recycling and and some pre-New Year preparation, which is a perfect idea for the upcoming celebration. I also witnessed the non-stop musical and dance performance that really brought the house down. It was one uber fun festivity, perfect to welcome the exciting year of 2013.

By the time the clock ticked to 8 in the evening, everyone took their places. Divided into two parts, on both sides of the lake, everyone light up their lanterns as the host cued them to do so. I was lucky to find an amazing spot to light up my lantern and take photos too, so as soon as my lantern rose up, I immediately said my wish and grabbed my camera to take photos.

It was an amazing feeling to be under these spectacular display of flying lights. As each of then gather up above us, it made me feel what it was like in the movie Tangled. If only I have that Mandy Moore voice, I would have been seeing that song. Hehe.

It's a very wonderful feeling that I would love to feel over and over again. NUVALI's Light Up wasn't just a fun activity but it was also a soul refreshing one because of the lighted up lanterns symbolizing not only hopes but also peace of mind that we all ought to have!

To NUVALI and the rest of the organizing team, congratulations and thank you for sharing another memorable activity to us! This is a very nice way to welcome 2013, and I really hope that all of our wishes for a brighter New Year will come true!

Happy New Year, everyone! Happy Rammmpa this 2013!

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  1. Oh! I was driving back to Manila last January 1 and saw one of these lanterns floating away - I wondered where it came from. Sa Nuvali pala! Happy new year! :)

    Daene |


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