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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ilocos Sur: Vigan Cathedral and the Center of Vigan

Just like in any other towns in the country, and probably in most of the world, here in Vigan, the life of people revolve around their religion. Thus, most of the residential streets, like Calle Crisologo, lead to the town's main church, the Vigan Cathedral. A historic site that provides every visitor a quick background of the story behind Vigan, Vigan Cathedral has been my mouth-less storyteller that time.

Built in 1641, this church has been a part of the intriguing and colorful history of Vigan City since then. And one of the most intriguing story that involves Vigan Cathedral is the assassination of Congressman Floro S. Crisologo,  which took place right in front of the church's altar.

My fascination to this church started from the antique replicas of saint that were scattered all over the church. The interior of the church may look modern, but the Romanesque style was kept intact, which can give the town's visitors a unique experience.

Aside from this beautiful church, Vigan's story flows along its central parks or plaza that pretty much state the kind of modern living the people of the province has now. There's the Plaza Salcedo, which name comes from Juan de Salcedo, the Spanish conquistador and founder of Villa Fernandina; the Plaza Burgos, which name comes from Padre Jose Burgos, one of the GOMBURZA priests who fought the Spaniards during their occupancy here in the Philippines; and lastly the Vigan Empanadaan, which is one of the new sites built by the local government of Vigan to highlight their famous local delicacy Vigan Empanada.

Plaza Burgos

Plaza Salcedo

The Vigan Empanadaan

On my first visit here in 2009, the whole town is really a sanctuary of the past that I cannot help but to love. The simple lifestyle despite of having some few modern fast food chains around was kept well and low. But on my recent visit, I saw that the town has gone a huge leap. From adding a colorful water fountain in the middle of the Plaza Salcedo, right in front of the Vigan Cathedral, which I think breaks the classic and simple look of the whole province to this Vigan Empanadahan, which is kinda okay, but I do hope that they made the place look simple through the use of local indigenous materials.

I'm just glad that they still have here the Kalesa, or horse-drawn carriages that take visitors around the historic and lovely Vigan City. It is one of the many things that tourists love about Vigan, and I do hope that the local government keeps supporting them for they add that lost-in-time transpiration experience that can give everyone a good view of the whole province.

I guess I will never get tired loving Vigan, its people and its food after all despite of the changes that its going through. And I honestly cant wait to back here and discover more of one of the provinces that inspire me to travel and see the country.

Happy Rammmpa!

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  1. gusto ko matikman ang empanada nila lolz...

    Gusto ko din bisitahin ang vigan kaso laging hindi ako makapag set ng itinerary pa-Vigan..


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