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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ayala Triangle Lights Up Enchantingly

As the Christmas season comes nearer, the amazing lights and sound show of Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City is now considered one of the must-sees in the metropolis during this festive cheers. And just like they always say "Make It Happen, Make It Makati", this year's show is made more magical and enchanting with its beats all created by renowned lighting designer Voltaire De Jesus and acclaimed musicians and composers Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso.

Last November 16th, amidst the busy rush hour of Makati City's Central Business District, people paused for some 10 minutes to witness the premiere of the well-lauded Enchanting Lights and Show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. 

Transformed into an extravagant spectrum of dazzling dancing lights and sounds, Ayala Triangle Gardens joins the fun of welcoming the Yuletide cheers with its symbolic lighting event. And though the help of Voltaire De Jesus, Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso, this years show is made mo exciting and wowing compared to the previous years that they had.

With over one million LED light beating to every thump of the music, De Jesus shared that his design to this year's show is more of a contemporary approach. Other than the over a million LED lights, he also uses cyber sphere, flash, pods, meteor, intelligent and laser lights to add more movements to the show.

As for this year's music, Nicolas and Amistos describe their creation quirky, more unique and unpredictable - something that you wouldn't imagine to be a part of traditional Christmas carol. From children's music, orchestral, rock and roll, psychedelia, rock and jazz - there's surely something for everyone that will hype you and put you on the right mood of celebration.

It was really a delight to watch, especially if you are standing under the trees like I was that night. And now that there's also smoke coming out of it, it feels really enchanting and lovely at the same time - something that you can only feel in a highly urbanized city - a city that makes it happen. ^_^

This lights and sounds show happens every night at Ayala Triangle Garden, starting at 6 p.m. til 9 p.m. with 30 minutes interval.

Another job well done, guys!
Happy Yuletide season everyone! Love, love, love! ^_^

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