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Friday, November 2, 2012

Souvenirs from Laperal White Haunted House of Baguio

Who would've thought that a beautiful and peaceful looking American-inspired house like this could be that haunting and really scary at night? Well, stories say that a girl as white as ghost is seen on its windows at night looking at the passersby. Yes, you are now staring at the haunting Laperal White House of Baguio City.

Last week, right after our tree planting activity at Mount Bosol in Baguio City, my friends and I decided to pay a visit to one of the the haunted houses that's nestling just inside the City of Pines. Located at  #4 Leonard Wood Street, just a few step from another haunted place - Teachers Camp, Laperal White House is said to be one of the oldest and haunted structures in Baguio City.

Stories say that it was constructed just before the Japanese occupation. But when the Japanese started invading this city, the owners Mr. and Mrs. Laperal were slayed inside this house, then the the Japanese soldiers made this beautiful house as their headquarters and raped and killed more people.

Honestly, I wasn't and really no plans of checking out haunted house like this. I super love Baguio even before and those ghost stories really don't bother me - because first, I don't want to bother them too! But when my tagging friends, finally decided to see Laperal White House, I know that this "sight seeing' will not end here.

We didn't have a chance to go inside since it is a private property, which according to some blogs, it is now privately owned by Mr. Lucio Tan - THE LUCIO TAN. FTW!

Anyways, friends who know me really well know that I don't have good experience with ghosts. I don't know if I have this third eye something, but really, there are those times that I just see something waaaaaaaaaaaay different from my normal vision.

We just spent some 10 minutes looking at the facade of this house. It wasn't really creepy at first since the front yard was full of poinsettia. We were able to take some shots of the doors and windows that made me appreciate the house more because it was cleverly designed. But it was at that moment that I felt something. I didn't tell it to my friends because I don't wanna scare them, but when I took a shot of the door, my head started throbbing. I didn't mind it and just pretended that I'm somehow enjoying it, but I know that there's something wrong. Something that I don't like.

A few hours after this experience, I found myself, walking on the street towards our home. I honestly forgot about the house by this time. Unfortunately, it seemed that the "ghost" of that house didn't forget me. And I think they tagged themselves along with me.

Time is already 1 a.m., everyone was already asleep as expected, when I got home. The moment I opened our gate, a woman figure immediately walked towards me. I stepped back as I thought she'll bump me off, but the figure immediately disappeared leaving me stunned with my hair all raised. I thought I was sleepy, so I keep walking towards our house to open the door. I don't who was that, but I know that the "haunting" part for me just started.

The second I opened the door, another figure blocked my sight. This time it was just a shadow. I didn't look at it, for I don't wanna see its face. Again, I just didn't mind it til it disappeared. But I know that things were getting scarier and scarier. The hairs on my nape were all up now too. FUCK!

By the time I settled all my belongings on my desk, I decided to use the comfort room. The faucet was off, so that leave me with no choice but to go outside AGAIN to switch on the main faucet, which is outside our house! I'm already on my boxers by this time, so the chilly October air is creeping all over me, but  I know that this chilly air was really different.  It became creepier when I saw this another figure outside our gate. Standing there seemed like waiting for me, I know that he is a guy because of the cap that he's wearing. I really wanna go back inside but the call of nature is killing me too. I shook my head and started saying to myself that these were all hallucinations.

I walked towards our gate with my eyes on my walking feet. I opened the gate and immediately shouted "No! Leave me alone!"

Again, I have no idea who he was. He was there looking at me, I can feel it.

I read in a book before that all these things that I'm experiencing were meant for a "medium" - meaning for a person who can be used by other souls to interact with the living people. I thought so too that I'm a medium because there were only moments that I'm like this. And comparing to those who have third eye who see things no matter what, when and where, I wanna believe I'm more normal than them.

Anyways, after I switched on our main faucet I quickly run back to our house. I locked the gate, locked our house's door and settled inside the bathroom. I thought everything was done, not until the door of the comfort room was pushed so hard as if there's someone who wants to go inside too. I called out the names of my mom, my siblings and my niece but no one answered.

I didn't sleep that night. I waited til my mother woke up, which is at 4 a.m., before I went to my bed and called it a day. I'm afraid that they'll still haunt me on my dream, because that's where I usually encounter this hard to explain things, thankfully, after that night, no one bothered me again.

The following morning, I shared what I experienced to my relatives, and that night same night, no one wants to  go out anymore. They know that I'm not kidding, because this is not the first time that I experienced this kind of things. It is just unusual that the figure that I saw were all unfamiliar to me - I guess they are souvenir from Laperal White House.

Happy All Souls' Day, living and dead people! Keep safe!
Happy rammmpa!


  1. eto yung kinukwento mo... wahhhhhh! nakakatakot... nabili na pala ito ni Lucio Tan... anu kaya plan nya dito? :)

    1. Some say that there are hidden treasures here since Japanese soldiers stayed here for a long time, so may - JUST MAYBE - Lucio is digging up something inside.

  2. the details of the house are beautiful. great shots! would love to see this structure for myself but i don't have the courage to stay there for a night! *shivers*

    1. Thanks! Maybe you could stay for a while at the resto infront of this house - it's the PKNY resto. :-)

  3. That's a great photos. It really shows the spooky image of the Laperal House.

  4. eto yung kinukwento sakin ng Taho vendor

    PS: Strawberry Taho kicks ass!

  5. this is the place where the Taho vendor and his wife told me.. Have to take pictures of the place one day..

  6. Didn't Don Roberto Laperal (the padre de pamilya) died when he slipped down the staircase and hit his head? (just asking :))


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