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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bacolod: San Sebastian Cathedral and Bacolod Public Plaza

Me-an, my superfriend decided to spend her night in Bacolod inside our hotel room, but that didn't stop Ence, my other superfriend, and I to see the beauty of Bacolod at night. We had a very tiring morning travelling from Iloilo to Bacolod, but since it was our only time to check out this beautiful city, even there was a rain cloud coming, we braved in and went out see San Sebastian Cathedral and Bacolod Public Plaza.

To be honest, I'm that kind of traveler who is not expecting so much from the place that I get to visit. I'm not that person who relies on other's thought, so may it be too simple or too grand to some, I still give it a fair judgment and as much as possible, I appreciate it. It is still part of the country that I love so much, right? ^_^

Anyways, for this destination, Bacolod Public Plaza may seem an ordinary plaza or park to some, with its well-aligned trees, checkered flooring and simple structure erected on the middle of it, the bandstand, it won't catch so much attention. But for us, we found it quite stunning. The lights that touches its concrete posts made it look like so nice. So we spent some our Bacolod time in here to check out the story behind it.

The bandstand has this concrete roof that carries the name of European composer that were said to be the inspiration of the the artistry around the place. There's Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn and Mozart written  - four world-class European classical composers that are known for their outstanding masterpieces.

Every October, this plaza is said to be the center of the festivity for this is where they hold the world-famous Masskara Festival - one of Negros Island's top festivity that gives color, music and fun to all of Bacolod City.

And across this humble park is another must-see tourist destination, the San Sebastian Cathedral.

Unfortunately, the cathedral was already closed that night when came in, so we just had its magnificent facade to look at. But despite of that, we managed to appreciate it and got some info about it.

Folks there said that this cathedral has been there for a long time. It is one of the highlights of the city, being the center of the many festivities around. And with its stunning appeal that looks grander at night, it is said that San Sebastian Cathedral serves as the Windsor Palace of Bacolod for it is also houses the bishop of Negros Island.

I love churches. I love seeing one and taking pictures of it. And if I'll be given a chance to see Bacolod again, I'll visit this two places again and I'll make sure that I'll get inside San Sebastian Cathedral. But for now, all I have is its lovely facade, a memory that will remind me of my wonderful time in Bacolod with my superfriends.

Thank you, Bacolod, for this nice view! Happy rammmpa!


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