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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A De Luxe Experience

Whenever I go to Baguio City, since I don't have a car, there's only one bus liner I have in mind to take me to the lovelies city of the north - the Victory Liner. And though, I'm kinda "kuripot" when it comes to spending my money on transportation, I won't spending more on transportation again after experiencing the convenience and satisfaction that their De Luxe buses has given to me on my recent trip to Baguio City.

Scheduled at 8:15 p.m., it was so nice to know that Victory has been so keen to their bus schedules until now. I was surprise to be on-board 30 minutes before the scheduled trip, and more surprised to know that we left at exact time. I dunno if the timing of my travel has something to do about, but it felt good to be on time - it gave me a feeling that this trip is gonna awesome!

This De Luxe trip that I got in to has no stopover since it has its own comfort room on-board. Aside from that, it also has a Wi-Fi and free snacks to enjoy while lounging on its soft and comfortable lazy boy chairs, and has a steward inside who is ready to serve or assist you on your needs.

Our friendly attendant

I like our attendant, she always smiles at me every time she looks at me. She has this friendly aura that added pleasure to this wonderful trip. Plus, she assisted the senior passengers always, something that I know they enjoyed too, because this girl is all-smile every time she approaches them.

From the regular six-hour bus ride from Cubao to Baguio, we reached Baguio City in less than 5 hours smoothly. I don't usually get a good sleep inside a moving bus, specially when I'm travelling alone, but in this case, I had some almost 5-hour good sleep. Yeah, I sleep just before we enter NLEX, and when I opened my eyes, we are already in Baguio. Hahaha!

But apart from all of those wonderful things that I experience on this first-class trip, my most favorite actually is this! 

A socket where you can charge your gadget! Haha!

Since I came from work, and my gadgets are almost low on battery, I ecstatic to know that I can charge my gadgets while traveling! Isn't it super nice?! Hahaha! There's only one socket per seat, but it's okay, I'm just so happy to finally experience something like this! This is convenience to the nth degree! I LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

So, the next time you'll be travelling to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, you better book yourself to this first-class De Luxe bus trip from the most trusted bus liner in the country - Victory Liner! One way will cost you Php750.00 from Cubao to Baguio City.

I can't wait to go back to Baguio City with my family and experience this whole wonderful trip all over again! Good job, Victory Liner! 

This is super awesome! Keep it up!

Happy Rammmpa!


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