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Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Glamping with Coleman Philippines

Believe it or not, I cannot remember when was the last time I camped out. Since I'm not that good in setting up tents and I find it inconvenient too, since most of "camping" trips mean no toilets and bathrooms, I'm honestly saying that it is one of my least favorite thing to do outdoors. But last week, when I finally said yes to Coleman Philippines' invitation to try out "glamping" trip - glamorous camping, as they say it - my perception towards camping has changed, hence I can't wait for my next "glamping" with them!

If you think glamping is camping with different spelling only, you are so wrong! Because with "glamping", Coleman proved that we don't have to give up our familiar conveniences just for the sake of enjoying the outdoors; Coleman proved that we don't have to spend so much energy and time in setting up tents; and lastly, Coleman proved nothing beats a "real" human interaction than spending a day or two with your love ones in a cozy and fun tents using friendly and easy-to-carry Coleman products.

Last week, at Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, Coleman Philippines marked the start of a fun and rekindling summer with the launch of their latest products ready to cater the "Glamping "trend in this side of the world. Categorized into three "Glamping" related outdoors themes, Coleman Philippines put us all in excitement mode as they started presenting these colorful and inviting "glamping" setups, I bet you all will love!

First on the list of the Glamping themes is the 5-Minute Campsite.

Believe it or not, in just 5 minutes, you'll be able to set up something like this, which will give you and your companions more time to enjoy the outdoors as well as the activities you've brought along.

5-Minute Campsite

Indeed, gone are the struggles and lengthy hours to set up a camp site, because with the Coleman's Instant Up Tent, Instant Shade, Road Trip Grill, Lounger Cot, and Table Picnic Set, in just 5 MINUTES, you will have these!

We were challenged that day to put up the gray tent, and we were all shocked that we were able to set it up in just 3 minutes! Did I say AWESOME?! Hahahaha! A must have for a first-time glamper like me!

The second Glamping theme that they presented to us is this Chill Out Campsite.

Chill Out Campsite

Perfect for 'kikays' and fashionista, Chill out will let glamper laze in the sun and enjoy a leisurely picnic. With Coleman's Instant Shade with UVGuard material to protect you from UV rays, Mini Table Picnic Set, Low Lounging Laid Back Chair, Hammock, Road Trip Grill and a Compact Tow Wagon, I'm pretty sure that my little girl readers are now excited to try their very own "Glamping" Campsites.

This is actually my most favorite theme, because more than for being so chic and cozy, the idea of having a lot of activities to do in a short time of setting up, this whole set up simply spells F-U-N! And yes, I'm also that 'kikay' to appreciate how girly this whole setup looks! Hehehe.

The last Glamping theme that they presented to us is this one that they call Absolute Getaway Campsite.

Absolute Getaway Campsite

Made for the ultimate "Glamping" trip, this type of campsite is suited for longer outdoor stay and for a big group of people. Absolute Getaway Campsite includes Coleman arch-dome Party Shade that can be double up as a sleep-in spacious cabin tent by night. Match this stunning tent with Coleman Fold Up Tables, Chairs and the super cool Instant Up Shower Tent, which can give you and your guests some private toilet and shower time, and everything will be perfect! And oh, don't forget to brig along Coleman's  Road Trip Grill! I bet you don't want your guests to be hungry, right? Hehe.

Instant Up Shower Tent

This coming May 24th and 25th, Coleman Philippines will be sharing this Glamping experience to their loyal patrons through a Glamping event in Clearwater Resort and Country Club in Clark, Pampanga. They are still finalizing the details, but just in case you wanna experience these things that we had in Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, you can check out their Facebook Page:

Coleman Senior Brand Manager Gerry Mendoza told us that the Philippine Glamping event will be followed by a series of similar events in other Southeast Asian countries, such as in Malaysia and Singapore, to help build a Glamping community in this side of the world.

So, if you love to travel and at the same time enjoy staying at the outdoors while using these long trusted U.S. brand in outdoor recreational products, check out their page now, and who knows, this might be your most awesome summer escapade!

Thank you, Coleman Philippines!
Happy Summer, everyone! Happy Rammmpa!


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