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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bangkong Kahoy Valley: The Beauty In-between

Appreciating the beauty of the two mystical mountains - Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal - right in the middle of them, the beautiful and peaceful valley of Bangkong Kahoy in Dolores, Quezon possesses a unique fusion of the two mountains and served as our sweet hideout from the busy metropolis a few weeks back for the first Organic Bloggers Gathering for the year 2014.

Three hours away from Manila, Bangkong Kahoy Valley is nestled at the adjoining arms of two mountains offering a 56-hectare well-kept private land inside the Mt. Banahaw Protected Area. Owned by the family of Mr. Dionisio "Dion" Pulan since 1920, Bangkong Kahoy Valley has been considered as one- if not the greatest - treasure by the family providing tranquility and relief to each and everyone of them.

The whole lot, I must say, looks really well kept. With some transient houses that guests can rent out for a night, a week or even a month, Bangkong Kahoy caters to students who are there to discover the wonders of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal, to families and barkadas who seek refuge from the crazy metro life, up to the farmers who wanna know the latest invention and discoveries in organic farming.

Us, Organic Bloggers, were actually there for those three reasons, and even though it's quite hard to believe, we learned how Bangkong Kahoy Valley mastered the production of organic oyster mushrooms, wild raspberries or simpinit and their end products; had fun bonding with one another exploring the beauty of the whole lot and seeing its potential of being a great tourist attraction no matter what season it is; and lastly the learning something about the mystical beauty of the two mountains, which were made more captivating at night because of the moonlight shining upon them.

Despite of being there just for a night, I'd say that I really enjoyed my stay there. Their fresh-picked raspberries for dessert simply wowed me, the clean and modern rooms that are perfect for large groups, and ultimately the weather, which drastically goes down as the sun starts to set. By 8 in the evening, it was already freezing cold up there, and guess what by that time too, the whole whole sky was covered y sparkling diamonds of nature that are just so lovely.

I'm planning to go back there again once I've got some time off from work, but when I go back there, I'll make sure that I'll be staying for not less than 3 days. There's something about the whole place made me feel at home and one with the nature. And with let me say, thank you and stay beautiful, Bangkong Kahoy Valley! See you soon!

Happy Rammmpa, everyone!


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