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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr. Jose Rizal Weekend!

I know not all of us Pinoys adore him that much, but I know that we still have some respect for him. And on his 150th birthday celebration, I hope that we respect the attention that he is getting these past few days from different organizations - government and non government.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for Manila and for the whole country, I guess, because as early as 5 in the morning, people are expected to flock at Rizal Park bearing flowers for the national hero. Yes, this will be the very first time that National Park Developments Committee will be allowing non-VIPs to get a chance to offer flowers to the monument of Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.

I enlisted myself last night to the 150,000 participants who want to offer flowers to the monument, and if you wanna be one of us, here's the link for you to be in -

A lot of activities are lined up for this grand celebration and you can check them all out here -

Highlights of this grand celebration include the Flag Raising and Wreath offering at the Rizal Monument. It will be immediately followed by wreath and flower offerings from the Mason and the 150,000 people. After that, a giant birthday cake (8 feet high and 6x6 width) will be sliced at the plaza at the back of Rizal Monument. This cake is said to be shared to all of the attendees. There will also be Fun Run at 5 a.m. until 12 noon and one musical presentation by the Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas at 6 in the evening at the Rizal Park Open Auditorium. “Musikultura”, an all-out concert will take place by 7 p.m. at the Department of Tourism building, which will be followed by the most anticipated final presentation of the completed Rizal Park Musical Dancing Fountain on top of a grand fireworks display. A documentary and an Indie film is expected to cap the celebration by 9 p.m in Rizal Park’s open grounds.

And for those who want to know more about our national hero, a heritage trail is also available. I'm sure your kids will learn a lot from this, which they can use in their studies.

Maps for the Heritage Trail

Happy birthday, Pepe! And see you all there tomorrow!

Happy Dr.Jose Rizal weekend and happy rammmpa!


  1. how i wish i could join the festivities tomorrow... but i can't, im out of town... :)

  2. Aw... Probably they have a Rizal celebration in your place later. I believe this is like a nationwide thing.

  3. Oh I sooo envy you! Wish I was able to join this momentous event :(


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