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Monday, June 13, 2011

Capas National Shrine Stopover

Part of the itinerary that we had during our trip to Mount Pinatubo last June 4 was to pay a visit to one of Capas, Tarlac's priced tourist spot - the Capas National Shrine.

Capas National Shrine was built in memory of thousand of Filipino and American soldiers who died during Japanese occupation here in the Philippines - one of the bloodiest thing that our fellows went through during the Japanese time.

Here, you'll see a huge piece of land that was planted with trees, those trees represent of those who died on Bataan Death March. In the center of this park was a huge pencil-like tower surrounded by marble walls where names of the soldier, 70,000 of them, were listed.

The obelisk on the center of the park was put up just last 2003, and it serves as the new symbol for the former concentration camp of the deceased soldiers.

During our visit, one that caught my attention are the poems engraved of the dark marbles surrounding the obelisk.

After one great nature trip, taking time to see the nearby historic spot like Capas National Shrine ain't that bad.

Good thing about our trip here was when we reached the place, the sun was about to set an dit gave a nice effect to the whole pace - as if the nature wants to tell something to us.

So, if you are planning to see the majestic crater lake of Mount Pinatubo, why not include Capas National Shrine to your itinerary after that and have a glimpse of the past. I know you'll be somehow proud to see a person with the same surname as yours listed on the black marble wall.

Happy Rammmpa!


  1. We wanted to drop by after our Pinatubo trek sana, kaso we were already tired by then! Wrong move. Haha! We should have visited it before the trek. I think it's brilliant that a shrine was built for those who perished/survived(?).

  2. Well, I'm not sure either if there's anyone who survived. ^_^


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