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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Via Crucis: 10 Churches of Bicolandia (Part 2)

The abundance of distinct and captivating church structures in the Province of Albay continues to sprawl up to the neighboring provinces of Camarines Sur. And as I continue my journey of discovering the wonderful creations of Bicolanos, I discovered more historical and architecturally pleasing churches that stole my heart and soul.

For this second part, I'm sharing to you 5 of the most stunning churches that I visited as I take my journey back home from my cousin's place in Tiwi, Albay. It is so easy to navigate by land from Manila to Albay and back. Local buses transport all-day traversing the long stretch of highways connecting Manila to the southern provinces of Luzon.

And on my journey going home, I chanced upon the vibrant Holy Cross Parish Church of Nabua, Camarines Sur. With its vibrant color and really captivating facade, it is hard not to notice and miss it. So without much contemplation, I hailed the bus that was taking me back to Naga, where I was supposed to take my bus going back to Manila, to pay a visit to this magnificent and such lovely church.

Nabua Church

Covered with red bricks, this century-old Nabua Church has suffered natural and man-made disaster as stated on the history written on its walls. The interior was kept as breathtaking as it facades offering a serene feel once inside. I was surprise to see such a structure because base from my experience, most of the churches in the south has this Baroque style that is equally captivating.

I think I spent an hour or less in this church trying to appreciate every design, and corner that they have. And as I continue my journey to Naga City, where my bus is waiting, I made a quick visit to these churches that everyone should visit when in Naga City.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist

Also known as the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral or the Naga Cathedral, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist is my first stop as I set foot on the humble City of Naga. This eye-catching Spanish-Romanesque Catholic Cathedral is located along Elias Angeles St., Naga City, Camarines Sur a few steps away from Naga's grand bus terminal.

This Naga Cathedral is located at the very heart of the province, and is currently run and administered by Rev. Msgr. Noe Badiola, PC, who was appointed in 2011.

San Francisco Parish

At the roundabout of the town, another captivating structure captured my heart, the San Francisco Parish. This one is quite familiar to my eyes because when I watched one of the late Secretary Jessie Robredo documentaries , the image of the this structure was shown as the Naga's pride humbly walks around his hometown.

This church was not as extravagant or as colorful as the other churches that I've visited in this province, but you can feel the sincerity and love of the people to it by simply looking at its surrounding -  IT WAS SO CLEAN. Not even a single candy wrapper could be found around the church and even in the park facing it.

Old Penafrancia Church

When I wrote down my itinerary for this Bicol trip, I seriously didn't asked anyone where to go, what to eat and what to see. I wanted to surprise myself, and feel so proud about my latest discoveries. Though I didn't mean to say that I didn't checkout the map, one of the last two churches that I visited that time was the old Penafrancia Church. I wasn't clearly aware that there was the old and the new. I also didn't know that the old is under renovation so when I got there, I saw simply nothing. 

And since I was left with nothing, I asked the people I saw there where I could go next since I won't be able to see the image of the Penafrancia. And that was the only time that I learned that the miraculous image of the Our Lady of Penafrancia is its new home, the Our Lady of Penafrancia Basilica, which is some blocks away. 

And with the delight of hearing the news, I promised to myself that I'm going back to Naga to see the refurbished old home of Our Lady of Penafrancia as I head to my next and last destination Lady of Penafrancia's new home, the Basilica.

Our Lady of Penafrancia Basilica

A towering beauty at the outskirt of the city, the Our Lady of Penafrancia Basilica is actually the home of the most visited patron of the Pilgrim City or the Queen City of Bicol, the Our Lady of Penafrancia. 

And as majestic as it looks from the outside, the interior will leave anyone breathless due to its grand design and colors. I honestly didn't expect to leave Naga City in awe, but this last destination of mine left me with such astonishment that made me realize that I should see and experience their feast day.

If you are wondering what the interior of this magnificent structure looks like? Well, that's the photo I posted above - second image that you could find on this article.

I can't wait to go back to this lovely province to see more of it. The wonderful discoveries and undeniable humility of the whole Bicolandia is something that we should all experience.

Happy Rammmpa, everyone!


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